Scholar-Athlete Profile: Kyle Negrette

    Kyle Negrete

    Nov. 21, 2011

    Scholar-Athlete Profile: Kyle Negrete
    Sports: Football
    Class: Junior
    Major: Business Administration

    As told to Max Berger, USC Sports Information Student Intern.

    Max Berger (MB): You transferred into USC from San Diego as a Business Administration major in the Marshall School of Business. What got you interested in business?

    Kyle Negrete (KN): My dad has always been very successful businessman back in Fresno as he is the Senior Vice President of Clear Channel Radio. So learning from him, I noticed that business skills are used everyday and business is wherever we are, all the time.

    MB: You said earlier you want to focus on finance, can you tell us something about that?

    KN: When I came into USC I wanted to go with an accounting background and then continue my career as a CPA and possibly try and squeeze my way into investment banking. This past summer, I interned for Rick Caruso at The Grove and hopefully this summer I can intern in downtown Los Angeles. Hopefully that can be used towards finance.

    MB: Rick Caruso is one of the most well-known and successful businessmen in Los Angeles. Tell me about something you learned working for him.

    KN: He's just a visionary with the right mindset. Even though it sounds cliché, the best way to describe him is as a "go-getter". In the office, he has trimmed the fat and made it extremely small workforce where he holds all of his employees to high expectations with zero tolerance for laziness.

    MB: What interests you more regarding your future: attempting to continue your career in football or following your passion for business?

    KN: I think all of us here at USC have aspirations of continuing our football careers at the professional level. I know that after I leave here, the legitimacy of USC will give me the opportunity to do so. From competing at the highest level, to playing in the Coliseum, to just being involved in a program like USC, I know I am prepared if I choose to continue playing football. However, academics have played an important part because I know I can't play into my 40s and I'll always have my intellect to rely on.



    MB: So are you saying you value your academic prowess over your athletic prowess?

    KN: I believe academics have to come first but there is a balance that can be found between academics and athletics. Football is a year round commitment but academics is a lifelong commitment. Life skills, business, and working are things that will be valuable to me forever.

    MB: Name two people that you look up to in your life: one academically and one athletically.

    KN: Academically, I look up to my sixth grade teacher as he has been my mentor throughout school since I was young. He taught me about setting my goals high which pointed me in the right direction and definitely contributes to where I am today. Athletically, I would have to say my father as he was kind of like the "Rudy" of his college football team. Walking on to Fresno State, he eventually rose to become the captain of the defense under legendary coach Jim Sweeney.

    MB: How do you apply your dad's story to your academics?

    KN: Well, just seeing someone who could have gone down the complete opposite path overcome adversity and become so successful was very inspiring. So with me, being a walk-on, I had to get into USC using my academics and he helped me understand what kind of work ethic it takes to be successful on and off the football field.

    MB: If you didn't have the opportunity to study business, what do you think you would study instead?

    KN: Probably pre-med as it was definitely one of my dreams growing up. However, when I got to school I realized that with football being the time commitment that it is, I wouldn't be able to put sufficient effort into both so I chose to go with my other interest. But now looking back, I see that this is where I want to be.