Twitter Tips for Student Athletes!

    Nov. 15, 2011

    Here are Twitter tips Nos. 41-45 from the "50 Twitter Tips For Student Athletes" document that has been making the rounds among the nation's collegiate athletic departments. Check with Sports Info for more details!

    Take a moment to read this week's tips.

    41) People want their experience on Twitter to be fun. Make a real effort to Tweet far more positive content than negative.

    42) What happens in the locker room stays there. Things that are said in private team settings should never find their way onto Twitter.

    43) Don't Tweet during class. That's like disrespecting someone (in this case, your professor) behind their back. And always be mindful that your professors may be monitoring your Twitter account.

    44) One of your Twitter followers may be in a position to hire (or draft) you someday. Evaluate your Tweets from time to time and ask yourself, "Would I want to hire this person?"

    45) If you feel like the Twitter guidelines your coaching staff and/or athletic administrators expect you to comply with prevent you from "keeping it real," then that should probably be your cue to re-evaluate your definition of "keeping it real." Your team support staff has your long-term best interest in mind.