Twitter Tips for Student Athletes!

    Oct. 18, 2011

    Here are Twitter tips Nos. 26-30 from the "50 Twitter Tips For Student Athletes" document that has been making the rounds among the nation's collegiate athletic departments. Check with Sports Info for more details!

    Take a moment to read this week's tips.

    26) Don't allow yourself to be photographed while holding a drink. If you're posing for a photo, put your drink behind your back or on a counter out of the frame. Even if you're only drinking water.

    27) Baby mama drama? Don't air your dirty laundry on Twitter.

    28) Don't Tweet after a tough loss. You pour your heart and soul into training to become a champion, and losses are emotionally draining. Sleep on it. Your followers will still be there tomorrow.

    29) Enjoying a big win? Take 30 seconds to Tweet a "Thank You" to the fans who were there to cheer you to victory.

    30) Don't allow a hater with 20 followers to bait you into a "Twitter beef." Ignore them and remember their actions are usually fueled by jealousy