Twitter Tips for Student Athletes!

    Oct. 12, 2011

    Blurb on the outside: Here are tips Nos. 21-25. Check out the popular Twitter Tips for Student Athletes! Check with Sports Information for more!

    21) That's an awfully nice Twitter background you have... looks like it was designed by a professional. Keep in mind that if the person who designed it for you for free typically charges for his/her design work, you may be receiving an improper benefit.

    22) If you wouldn't say something in a media interview, don't Tweet it. You're being naïve if you think the media isn't keeping an eye on your Twitter feed (and locking your account is not a failsafe way of ensuring only your friends are following you).

    23) Don't Twitpic a photo of someone who doesn't know they're being photographed. You'd be angry if someone did that to you.

    24) Look over your recent Tweets. Chances are you could delete one out of every 10 Tweets and not feel as though anything worthwhile was being lost. That said, don't Tweet the worthless stuff to begin with. Numerous people who would be considered "social media experts" often compose a Tweet, read it over, think about it and then decide to discard it.

    25) Follow at least one news feed that will keep you informed on major current events (such as @CNNbrk or@CBSNews).