Twitter Tips for Student Athletes!

    Oct. 5, 2011

    Here are Twitter tips Nos. 16-20 from the "50 Twitter Tips For Student Athletes" document that has been making the rounds among the nation's collegiate athletic departments.

    Take a moment to read this week's tips.

    16.) Maintain a decent follower/following ratio. @JayBilas has the market cornered as far as Twitter snobs go. He makes up for it by having one of the most value-adding accounts in existence. You, my friend, are no @JayBilas (maybe one day...).

    17.) ReTweeting profanity is no different than using it in your own original Tweets. Don't do it.

    18.) And while we're on that topic, remember it's not ok to Tweet about how that meal you just ate was "good AF" or how your finance professor is "on some boring ish." Assuming your followers don't know what that ish means is insulting.

    19.) Avoid replying to or ReTweeting Twitter users with vulgar names. Do you really want to be associated with @BigPhatBooty or @herpesboy?

    20.) Don't Tweet daily about how hard you're working on the field/court/diamond/weight room/etc. If you were really working that hard, you wouldn't be on Twitter to tell us all about it.