Twitter Tips for Student Athletes!

    Sept. 22, 2011

    Here are tips Nos. 6-10 from the popular "50 Twitter Tips For Student Athletes" that is making the rounds throughout the nation's university athletic departments.

    We hope you find these weekly tips useful.

    6.) The visual elements of your Twitter account (avatar, background) are how other Twitter users form a first impression of you. Put a shirt on. Don't photograph yourself lying in bed (this isn't soft-core porn).

    7.) Twitter hasn''t made the text message obsolete. Tweet things worthwhile that are appropriate to share publicly. Don't Tweet about the party you're hosting tonight. Instead, text the party details to friends you want to show up.

    8.) It's perfectly fine to display your sense of humor on Twitter. Fans in particular love it when student-athletes show their personality. But don't Tweet at the expense of others. Making fun of people or Tweeting a photo of the overweight family in Wal-Mart just makes you appear shallow and cold.

    9.) Don't allow the impersonal nature of Twitter to lull you into a false sense of security. It's easy for a thought that materializes in your head while you're lying in bed or sitting on the couch to suddenly find its way into a Tweet. But once you hit send, it's there for the world to see.

    10.) Don't use Twitter as an outlet to complain about how rough your life is. You are getting a college education, traveling to interesting places, getting free athletic shoes and apparel and more. Thousands of people would crawl over glass for the chance to enjoy the opportunities you have.