Twitter Tips for Student Athletes!

    Sept. 20, 2011

    1.) Don't be tempted by the speed of Twitter. Take a breath before each tweet and ask, "If I was a follower, would I want to read this?" If not, delete it.

    2.) Your Twitter account is one of many mediums through which you can build your "personal brand". When people decide to follow you, they are investing in your brand because they believe you can add value to their timeline. Don't craft useless Tweets­you know the kind.... they're the ones you skip over every day while looking for something worthwhile.

    3.) After composing a Tweet, but before you hit send, ask yourself: "Would I be comfortable saying this in front of my parents, my grandmother, my pastor?" If the answer is no, discard it.

    4.) Turn off the "enable location data" option on your Twitter app. Do you really want everyone knowing where you are at all times?

    5.) Take pride in who/what you represent. In addition to representing your family, hometown and church, you also represent your university and your team.