SCORE Overview:

    USC Athletics views the SCORE Initiative as its societal duty. In conjunction with USC Civic & Community Relations, our collective mission is to promote the importance of higher education, healthy living, successful decision-making and the advancement of the communities that our universities reside in. SCORE is a tool that allows student athletes to be intentional with their time spent with youth from their community. The curriculum is deliberately general to allow student athletes to incorporate their personal experiences that they have learned from being a team player and student athlete. SCORE is a means to unify student athletes from around the nation to promote K-8 student achievement in school, life and health. The program works to leverage the platform student athletes have as role models within their community to encourage youth to make a personal commitment to anti-violence and successful decision-making and set their sites on college. Our "4 SCORE Quarters" are as follows:

    1st Quarter: Outreach - Reach Outside Your Comfort Zone
    SCORE by being a Team Player at:

    • Home
    • School
    • Community

    2nd Quarter: Recreation - Get Off The Bench & Get Active
    SCORE an Active Lifestyle by:

    • Keeping your diet colorful
    • Staying properly hydrated
    • Getting outside and getting active

    3rd Quarter: Education - Always Compete In The Classroom
    SCORE in the Classroom by:

    • Understanding the importance of Student in the word Student-Athlete
    • Forming good study habits
    • Sitting in front of the class (Tackle the T-Zone)

    4th Quarter: Successful Decision Making - Playmakers Perform Under Pressure
    SCORE in leading a Positive Lifestyle by:

    • Treating others the way you want to be treated (The Golden Rule)
    • Surrounding yourself with positive people
    • FINISHING everything that you start (Be accountable)

    Currently we have taken SCORE to over 8,000 students in Los Angeles County and have seen great results. We believe that this is just the beginning of using student athletes within their communities as figureheads to empower youth to set their goals on achieving higher education.

    SCORE Game Plan:
    After speaking to students, we encourage their involvement by creating their own game plan. Just as all student athletes have a game plan for any given competition, we encourage students to create their own game plan that incorporates all 4 SCORE Quarters. In addition, their game plan provides them with a tangible plan of how they are going to get to college.

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