USC Athletics Donation Request Policy

    USC Athletics is asked to support thousands of worthwhile charitable causes and events each year. We make every effort to accommodate as many requests as possible that are permissible under NCAA rules. However due to the number of requests our department receives on a monthly basis, we are simply unable to accommodate all requests that fit our guidelines. In order for your organization to be considered for a donation item, you MUST comply with the following guidelines:

    General Policies:

    1. Pursuant to NCAA regulations, items will not be donated to any entity that benefits a high-school, high-school aged students, or affiliates of any high-school aged students.
    2. USC Athletics will not donate to other colleges or universities.
    3. Your request for a donation item MUST be submitted via the online donation form and MUST be received by USC Athletics at least five (5) weeks prior to the day your organization needs the item.
    4. You MUST upload a promotional flyer or invitation that gives details of your event.
    5. We do not accept personal items to be autographed by the players or coaching staff.
    6. In some cases, USC Athletics will be able to provide an autographed item to an organization for the cost of the requested item and shipping costs.
    7. Only charitable organizations within California are eligible to receive donations; individuals are not permitted to receive autographed memorabilia through USC Athletics.
    8. Your organization is only eligible to receive one donation per calendar year.

    Due to the large volume of requests received on a monthly basis, there are no exceptions to the above guidelines.

    Please keep in mind that submitting an online request does not guarantee your organization will receive a donation.