Athletics News

    June 16, 1997

    USC Athletics: The Year in Review

    Sport                       Record  Conf. Finish    Nat'l Finish        Notes
    Baseball                    42-20   17-13 (3rd)     10th (Base. Amer.)  second at NCAA South II Regional
    Men's Basketball            17-11   12-6 (t2nd)     --                  first NCAA berth since 1992
    Women's Basketball          20-9    13-5 (3rd)      --                  reached second round of NCAAs
    Women's Crew                --      7th             --                  Guerrero All-Pac-10
    Women's Cross Country       --      6th             --                  Shiferaw first team All-American
    Football                    6-6     3-5 (t5th)      --                  def. Notre Dame, 27-20 (OT)
    Men's Golf                  --      3rd             14th                Tambellini, Wright third team All-Amer.
    Women's Golf                --      6th             26th (Rolex)        Josefsson All-Pac-10 hon. men.
    Sailing                     --      --              10th                10th at National Coed Dinghy Champ.
    Women's Soccer              15-5    4-3 (t4th)      --                  Harvey Pac-10's top scorer
    Men's Swimming & Diving     8-0     4-0 (2nd)       6th                 Krayzelburg NCAA champ in 200 back
    Women's Swimming & Diving   9-1     4-1 (2nd)       1st                 first-ever national championship
    Men's Tennis                18-6    6-4 (3rd)       15th (Rolex)        Bastl second at NCAA singles/doubles
    Women's Tennis              8-15    0-10 (6th)      32nd (Rolex)        Baklarova All-Pac-10 hon. men.
    Men's Track and Field       8-2     1st             3rd                 five straight NCAA hammer throw titles
    Women's Track and Field     9-1     2nd             14th                def. NCAA champion LSU in dual meet
    Men's Volleyball            12-12   9-10 (9th)      13th (VB Mag.)      Guigliano, Seiffert, All-MPSF hon. men.
    Women's Volleyball          21-9    12-6 (t3rd)     13th (AVCA)         reached round of 16 in NCAAs
    Men's Water Polo            23-3    7-1 (1st)       2nd                 Cizmic, Zagar first team All-Americans
    Women's Water Polo          15-20   0-6 (5th)       7th                 Orwig second team All-American

    Individual Titles, Honors, Awards

    Jason Brown -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Seth Etherton -- All-American 3rd tm., All-Pac-10 1st team,
                     All-South II Regional
    Randy Flores -- All-Pac-10 h.m. 
    Robb Gorr -- All-South II Regional
    Jack Krawczyk -- All-Pac-10 h.m. 
    Marc Mirizzi -- All-Pac-10 1st team, All-South II Regional
    Eric Munson -- All-American 3rd team,
                   Freshman All-American 1st team, All-Pac-10 1st team
    Wes Rachels -- All-Pac-10 1st team, All-South II Regional
    Greg Walbridge -- All-Pac-10 h.m., All-South II Regional
    Men's Basketball
    Elias Ayuso -- Pac-10 All-Newcomer 1st team
    Stais Boseman -- All-Pac-10 1st team
    Rodrick Rhodes -- All-Pac-10 h.m.,
                      Pac-10 Newcomer of the Year
    Jarvis Turner -- Pac-10 All-Freshman h.m.
    Gary Williams -- Pac-10 All-Newcomer h.m.
    Women's Basketball
    Michelle Campbell -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Kristin Clark -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Tina Thompson -- All-American 1st team, All-Pac-10 1st team
    Tiffany Washington -- Pac-10 All-Freshman h.m.
    Women's Crew
    Malora Guerrero -- All-Pac-10
    Women's Cross Country
    Emebet Shiferaw -- All-American 1st team
    John Allred -- All-American 2nd team, All-Pac-10 2nd team
    Chris Brymer -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Chris Claiborne -- Freshman All-American 1st team,
                       All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Travis Claridge -- Freshman All-American 1st team
    Brian Kelly -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Matt Keneley -- All-Pac-10 h.m.,
                    NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship
    Sammy Knight -- All-Pac-10 1st team
    Daylon McCutcheon -- All-American h.m., All-Pac-10 1st team
    George Perry -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Darrell Russell -- All-American 2nd team, Pac-10 Morris Trophy, All-Pac-10 1st team
    R. Jay Soward -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Jim Wren -- All-American h.m., All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Men's Golf
    Jorge Corral -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Brian Hull -- All-American h.m., All-Pac-10 2nd team
    Roger Tambellini -- All-American 3rd team, All-Pac-10 1st team
    Nick Webb -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Chad Wright -- All-American 3rd team, All-Pac-10 1st team
    Women's Golf
    Johanna Josefsson -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Caileen McIlvery -- All-American Crews
    Mike Uznis -- All-American Coed h.m.
    Women's Soccer
    Courtney Barham -- All-Pac-10 2nd team
    Isabelle Harvey -- All-American h.m., 
                       Freshman All-American 3rd team, All-Pac-10 1st team
    Carol Hatcher -- All-Pac-10 2nd team
    Jim Millinder -- Pac-10 Coach of the Year
    Men's Swimming and Diving
    Brad Francis -- All-American
    Josh Ilika -- All-American
    Kent Johnson -- All-American
    Jeff Julian -- All-American, Pac-10 champ (200 fly)
    Lenny Krayzelburg -- NCAA champ (200 back), All-American, Pac-10 champ (100 back, 200 back)
    Bela Szabados -- All-American, Pac-10 champ
                     (200 free, 500 free)
    David Taylor -- All-American
    Mike Williams -- All-American
    Women's Swimming and Diving
    Lindsay Benko -- NCAA champ (500 free, 200 back),
                     All-American, Pac-10 champ (200 free)
    Karen Campbell -- All-American
    Natalya Chikina -- All-American, Pac-10 champ (3m diving)
    Hope Gittings -- All-American, Pac-10 champ (200 back)
    Paige Francis -- All-American
    Dorte Lindner -- All-American
    Sarah Maggio -- All-American
    Kristine Quance -- NCAA champ (400 IM, 200 breast),
                       All-American, Pac-10 champ (200 IM, 400 IM, 200 breast)
    Mark Schubert -- NCAA Coach of the Year,
                     Pac-10 Coach of the Year
    Jean Ellis Todisco -- All-American, Pac-10 champ (200 fly)
    Men's Tennis
    George Bastl -- All-American, All-Pac-10 1st team
    Patrick Gottesleben -- All-Pac-10 1st team
    Kyle Spencer -- All-American, All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Women's Tennis
    Karolina Baklarova -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Men's Track and Field
    Ron Allice -- Pac-10 Coach of the Year,
                  District VIII Coach of the Year
    Ray Carter -- All-American
    Jerome Davis -- All-American, Pac-10 champ (400m)
    William Erese -- All-American, Pac-10 champ (110m HH)
    Marques Holiwell -- All-American
    Bengt Johansson -- NCAA champ (hammer throw),
    DeJon Joyner -- All-American
    Kedjeloba Mambo -- All-American, Pac-10 champ (triple jump)
    Tony Serpas -- All-American
    Jason Shelton -- All-American
    Isaac Turner -- All-American, Pac-10 champ (800m)
    Women's Track and Field
    Esi Benyarku -- Pac-10 champ (100m)
    Emelie Fardigh -- All-American
    Grazyna Penc -- All-American, Pac-10 champ (800 and 1500m)
    Emebet Shiferaw -- All-American
    Pamela Simpson -- All-American, Pac-10 champ (long jump)
    Men's Volleyball
    Chris Guigliano -- All-MPSF h.m.
    Eric Seiffert -- All-MPSF h.m.
    Women's Volleyball
    Vesna Dragicevic -- All-Pac-10 1st team
    Jennifer Kessy -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Jasmina Marinkovic -- All-District VIII, All-Pac-10 1st team
    Janice Mounts -- All-Pac-10 h.m.
    Amber Oliver -- Pac-10 All-Freshman h.m.
    Men's Water Polo
    Dan Cherrie -- All-MPSF h.m., All-NCAA Tournament 2nd team
    Simun Cimerman -- All-American 2nd team, All-MPSF 2nd team
                      All-NCAA Tournament 1st team 
    Hrvoje Cizmic -- All-American 1st team, All-MPSF 1st team,
                     All-NCAA Tournament 1st team
    Brendan Grubbs -- All-American 2nd team,
                      MPSF Goalie of the Year, All-MPSF 1st team,
                      All-NCAA Tournament 2nd team
    Mateo Juric -- All-American 2nd team, All-MPSF 2nd team
    John Williams and Jovan Vavic -- MPSF Co-Coaches of the Year
    Marko Zagar -- All-American 1st team,
                   MPSF Field Co-Player of the Year, All-MPSF 1st team,
                   All-NCAA Tournament 1st team
    Women's Water Polo
    Kristie Cissell -- All-MPSF Southern Division 2nd team
    Christina McCall -- All-American h.m.,
                        All-MPSF Southern Division 1st team
    Bernice Orwig -- All-American 2nd team,
                     MPSF Southern Division Goalie of the Year,
                     All-MPSF Southern Division 1st team,
                     All-National Championship Tournament h.m.