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    Recruiting and Compliance

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    Welcome to USC's web site for Recruiting and Compliance. Whether you are a prospective student-athlete, current student-athlete, parent or booster, we hope you find the information here useful and informative.

    If you are interested in being a student-athlete at USC, this section will explain how to best contact a coach and learn more about each athletic program.

    The NCAA rules are complex and ever-changing. This section provides basic information on NCAA rules everyone should know, including specific information for boosters, recruits, and current student-athletes.

    Athletic Scholarship Information
    This section provides basic information on Athletic Scholarships awarded by the USC Athletic Department.

    USC Financial Aid Department
    Aside from athletic scholarships, student-athletes also receive tuition assistance through academic scholarships, University financial aid, or federal and state grants. This section will provide you the information you need on nonathletic USC financial aid. You will find explanations for each type of financial aid, along with links for more information and applications.

    Undergraduate Admission
    Find out more about the admission process at USC. This section provides prospective students with information on the admission process and deadlines, admission standards, majors and minors at USC, information on student life and an on-line application.