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    The Professional Sports Education program provides practical information, learning opportunities, and services to student-athletes interested in pursuing a professional athletic career upon leaving the University. Workshops, resource people, and materials are available to assist student-athletes and their families to be informed and responsible decision-makers as they explore or pursue professional athletic opportunities and prepare for life as a professional athlete. The Professional Sports Education program is a service of the USC Department of Athletics in conjunction with the University's Professional Sports Counseling Panel (PSCP). Program initiatives are available to all USC student-athletes.


  • Workshops/Meetings: Student-athletes and their families talk with resource people about relevant issues such as agent selection, entering the professional ranks, contracts and other legal issues, insurance, financial planning, marketing, sponsorships, sports career alternatives, and life as a professional athlete. Resource people are recruited from across the professional sport community and include agents, management and labor representatives, athletes, and business, media, and civic leaders.

  • Agent Education: The Athletic Compliance Office offers education sessions for student-athletes and their families to educate them about the NCAA rules and University policies as they apply to agents, runners, financial planners, and disability insurance providers. Relevant areas include the following:

      • NCAA Rules; • Professional Sports Industry; •Player Evaluation Process; • Agent Selection Process; • Interviewing Strategies; • Question to Ask Agents; • Contracts/Negotiations; • Financial Planning/Management; and • Student-Athlete Disability Insurance Program

  • Professional Sports Resource Center: Located in the Athletic Compliance Office, materials include agent information (registration status, credentials, client list, and services), sample contracts, draft and salary reports, sport-specific information, directories, and other important reference materials.

  • Consultation Services: PSCP members talk confidentially with student-athletes and their families and provide independent advice and support concerning a future professional career, securing a loan to purchase disability insurance, proposed professional sports contracts, securing team tryouts, agent selection, and potential market value. They are not affiliated with any agent, team, or organization, consistent with NCAA rules.


    To learn more about how you can benefit from and participate in this education program, contact any member of the Professional Sports Counseling Panel. The Panel is authorized in accordance with NCAA rules, and members are full-time university employees appointed by the President.

    Randy Beatty
    Dean, Leventhal School of Accounting
    The Alan Casden Dean's Chair at the Leventhal School of Accounting Professor of Accounting
    (213) 740-4841
    Ellen Ferris
    Associate Vice President for Athletic Compliance
    (213) 821-4290
    [NOTE: Reports to the Vice President for Athletic Compliance]
    Mark Jackson
    Senior Associate Athletic Director
    (213) 740-9300
    Joe Mendes
    Cornerstone Sports Consulting
    (703) 850-7441
    Clare Pastore
    Faculty Athletics Representative
    Professor of the Practice of Law
    (213) 821-4410
    Dave Roberts
    Vice President for Athletic Compliance
    (213) 740-6811
    [NOTE: Reports to the Senior Vice President for Administration]
    Stephen Yamaguchi University Counsel
    (213) 740-7922



  • Athlete Agents Information

  • NCAA Manual Bylaws Concerning PSCP
  • NCAA Guide to Professional Sports: A Career in Professional Athletics
  • Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act, 15 U.S.C. 7801, et seq.
  • Miller-Ayala Athlete Agents Acts, California Business & Professions Code 18895 et. seq.