Athletics News

    University of Southern California
    Professional Sports Counseling Panel (PSCP)
    Panel Membership

    Randy Beatty
    Dean, Leventhal School of Accounting
    The Alan Casden Dean's Chair at the Leventhal School of Accounting Professor of Accounting
    (213) 740-4841

    Ellen Ferris
    Associate Vice President for Athletic Compliance
    (213) 821-4290
    [NOTE: Reports to the Vice President for Athletic Compliance]

    Mark Jackson
    Senior Associate Athletic Director
    (213) 740-9300

    Joe Mendes
    Cornerstone Sports Consulting
    (703) 850-7441

    Clare Pastore
    Faculty Athletics Representative
    Professor of the Practice of Law
    (213) 821-4410

    Dave Roberts
    Vice President for Athletic Compliance
    (213) 740-6811
    [NOTE: Reports to the Senior Vice President for Administration]

    Stephen Yamaguchi
    University Counsel
    (213) 740-7922