Go Trojans!

Big early lead

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They already have four turnovers, but the Trojans carry a 19-10 lead into the second media timeout, with 10:16 left in the half.

Roger that

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The Trojans hold a 10-4 lead at the first media timeout, with 14:30 remaining in the first half.

Happy times

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USC took an early 6-0 lead thanks to back-to-back three-pointers by Marcus Johnson, the second of which really excited Coach Kevin O'Neill.

"Get in there!" O'Neill screamed as the ball left Johnson's hand, before bellowing out a hearty "Yeah!" while clapping joyously after the ball swished through the net.

And they're off

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Coach Kevin O'Neill watches on as tonight's USC-Oregon game tips off.

Coach speak

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Just minutes before tipoff, Coach Kevin O'Neill and Oregon coach Ernie Kent came together on the court to shake hands and offer best wishes for the game, as is tradition for opposing coaches.

This meeting had a little extra love, too.

Kent held the handshake longer than usual, telling O'Neill, "Really great job this season."

O'Neill humbly replied, "Thank you."

Before the tip

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In a few quiet moments before the game, the coaches sit together in the locker room lounge.

Coach Kevin O'Neill addresses his team in the locker room before the game.

Family time

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In the locker room with less than 10 minutes to go until tipoff, Coach Kevin O'Neill's speech to his team centered around, well, the team.

"Lose yourself in the team," O'Neill told his players. "If you want to win championships, you've got to play as one."

The Trojans then came together and bellowed "family" as they broke the huddle and headed out onto the court.

Lucky seat

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Coach Kevin O'Neill watches pre-game warm-ups from the bench, about the only time he'll be seated for the rest of the night. O'Neill paces the court during the game and will only sit in huddles during a timeout and for a few moments at halftime.

On the agenda

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Here's a look at the minute-by-minute schedule for tonight:

7:22 p.m. • National anthem
7:31 p.m. • Warm-ups end
7:32 p.m. • Starting lineups
7:34 p.m. • Team huddle
7:35 p.m. • Tipoff

Getting warm

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Forward Evan Smith goes through warm-ups with about an hour to go until tipoff of tonight's USC-Oregon game at the Galen Center.