Go Trojans!

AP Report

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Too Little, Too Late

The Trojans didn't have enough senior magic down the stretch and fall to Oregon State, 49-44.

Final Stats for USC:

Scoring: Gerrity-13, Lewis-11, Washington-6, Stepheson-4, Vucevic-4, Smith-3, Johnson-3

Rebounding: Vucevic-8, Washington-8, Stepheson-6, Johnson-5, Gerrity-3, Lewis-2, Smith-1

Assists- Gerrity-3, Lewis-2, Vucevic-1, Smith-1

Mike Gerrity Coast-to-Coast

Mike Gerrity drives the length of the court and converts on a tough lay up amongst the trees to cut the game to two. Oregon State calls timeout up two, 46-44 with just under 30 seconds remaining.

Final Minute of Play

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USC trails by two, 44-42, Here we go....

Oregon State Calls Timeout

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Oregon State calls a quick 30 second timeout with 1:23 remaining. USC applied great pressure on the inbound and forced the Beavers to call a timeout instead of giving up the turnover. The score is still 44-41 OSU.

Blocking Foul on Gerrity Sends J. Tarver to the Line

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Josh Tarver hits them both, the Trojans trail 44-39 with 1:57 remaining.

3:00 To Go, Trojans Trail By Three

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42-39, OSU.

USC Calls Timeout 13:37 Remaining

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An extended 1-3-1 defense by the Beavers has been plaguing USC's offensive attack. The Trojans have only four points on the half. Head Coach Kevin O'Neill has switched to a two-point-guard front with both Mike Gerrity and Donte Smith on the floor. The added speed he hopes will allow the Trojans to get into the middle of the zone and break it from there.

At the Half

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USC clings to a one-point, 25-24 lead.  In the locker room Head Coach Kevin O'Neill urged his team to play with assertive energy. " We're all over the place," he said. " Play like we have practiced and don't let them [Oregon State] come out with energy to start the half." "We need to win the first four minutes."

USC's Lead Shrinking

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USC leads by 6, 23-17, after a great drive by Mike Gerrity. Head Coach Kevin O'Neill wants his team to push the tempo, and make it more of an up and down game.