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The Trojan Athletic Fund's Signing Period runs from now until June, and head coach Steve Sarkisian wants your help recruiting the next generation of athletic support group members.

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Anyone who refers a Trojan to join the Trojan Athletic Fund (Cardinal and Gold/Women of Troy or higher) will receive an exclusive USC football team-issued executive travel bag. In addition, for every person you refer that signs up, you will receive an entry in a drawing for various prizes over the next few months, including field passes, a spot on the team plane and much more.

Spring Poster Wallpaper

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Make the 2015 USC football spring poster your wallpaper for FREE or purchase a print for just $5.

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Trojan Blackjack

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No. 1 USC women's sand volleyball finished the regular season with a perfect 21-0 record after sweeping Irvine Valley College and Concordia yesterday. In year four of the program, the Women of Troy are conference and national championship favorites heading into postseason play, which begins this weekend at the Pac-12 Invitational in Santa Monica (Annenberg Beach House at 9 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday).

The AVCA Collegiate Sand Volleyball Championships are May 1-3 in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The Trojans have fallen in the national semifinals each of the last two seasons.

Alexa Strange and the Women of Troy have their eyes on the big prize this season.

Clutch Win

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No. 10 USC baseball responded to its first losing week of the season by staring down adversity and overcoming Pepperdine in 12 innings on Tuesday in Malibu. The Trojans and Waves played out a 0-0 draw for 11 frames before Timmy Robinson broke the deadlock with a two-run two-out single in the top of the 12th.

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While Robinson (pictured) ended up the hero, the men on the mound deserve the most plaudits for shutting Pepperdine out over 12 innings. Four Trojans combined on the eight-hitter, starting with Kyle Davis and then Bernardo Flores, Tyler Gilbert and Marc Huberman, who picked up his sixth win of the season to tie for the team lead.


ARod Repping USC for USA

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USC women's soccer national champion Amy Rodriguez has been named to the U.S. Women's Soccer National Team roster for the 2015 World Cup coming up this summer (June 6 to July 5) in Canada.

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As always, Rodriguez brings a ton of pace up front as a striker to go along with her vast experience, collecting 121 appearances for her country, including playing on the 2011 World Cup team. Team USA has not won the World Cup since 1999, but Rodriguez did help the Red, White and Blue win Olympic Gold in 2008 and 2012.


Cap Catch

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USC relief pitcher Mason Perryman made the Pac-12's Plays of the Week for this slick grab with his hat, while watching the game from the dugout.

Chevron STEM Spotlight: Elizabeth Turner

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Written by Sarah Bergstrom, USC blog contributor

Not only does USC boast world-class athletes, but world-class student-athletes as well. Each month, we will profile one of these outstanding Trojans who has chosen to pursue coursework in either the science, technology, engineering or math field (STEM).

Name: Elizabeth Turnerstem-turner-rowing(1).jpg
Sport: Women's Rowing
Human Biology

Sarah Bergstrom (SB):
What brought you here from Canada?

Elizabeth Turner (ET):
I'm actually a dual citizen - Canadian and American, so we knew that it was an option to come to school in the United States. The U.S. has much better sports and sports scholarships, and I knew I really wanted to play a sport in college. I had never done rowing before, but my brother had walked on for rowing at Syracuse. I went on vacation to California and ended up checking out USC and I loved everything about it. It's one of the best schools in the country for kinesiology, it had great sports, it really fit everything I was looking for.

Your track within the kinesiology program is in applied physiology, what does that mean?

I love physiology. It's pretty much studying all of your body systems, all the anatomy, but then the applied part is knowing how we actually use those systems. My main interest is in human movement, the muscle part of it. I want to study how we can improve performance in sport. For example, I'm in a motor skills class that teaches us every single detail from your neurons to your muscles in how a movement happens. It's so cool.

SB: Do you know what you ultimately want to do?

ET: I just applied to physical therapy school, all over the place and here at USC. I don't know what my number one choice is yet, but I want to do physical therapy for athletes. I love that you get to help people but through muscles. It's not so extreme, like being a surgeon, but at the same time, you can really help people feel so much better. I've had to go to physical therapy a few times and after I was done I was so thankful for it. I knew I had to do that. There are a few physical therapists who are also trainers here in the athletic department and I get to observe them a few times per week. I think that's where I want to go with it.

SB: What made you want to do rowing? You did a lot of other sports in high school but what brought you to do something new?

ET: I think the starting point was having my older brother start rowing at Syracuse. He got really good, really fast and I saw that. When I got to exactly the same point as him, when I knew I couldn't keep doing figure skating here, I still wanted to do a sport. The novice coach for the rowing team sent out an email to all of the incoming freshmen girls. I got that email and showed up. I was so excited, but I was worried I wouldn't be able to pick it up fast enough to actually compete. In most sports, you really couldn't do that, so I picked it up pretty quickly. I think my body type was really well-suited for it. And now I'm here.

SB: Switching back to academics a little, have you always loved science?

Both of my parents are scientists, I guess you could say. My mom is in animal science and my dad is in the biochemistry and genetics fields. One of his Master's degrees is in physiology. I grew up all my life with science as a back drop. Growing up, my dad did an entire study on why fish eyeballs don't freeze. He went to Antarctica to study fish. That's what I grew up with and I think that's fascinating. Science keeps finding new stuff. It's not every month or every year or when the Nobel Prize comes out, it's happening all the time. All the different fields come together to discover new things and I love that.

SB: Speaking of things coming together, how do you see what you do on the water overlap with what you're learning in the classroom?

The two come together so much, I love it. The biggest thing that I've noticed is that every time I'm working out I literally think about what is going on in my body at that moment. When I go home in the offseason also, I'm able to plan out my lifting and my nutrition based on what I've learned in class. I'm able to train more efficiently that way too. I'm able to help my teammates with it. I'm normally in charge of coordinating our offseason lifting and conditioning, and every once in a while I throw in some nutrition stuff too.

SB: How has it been balancing a rigorous major with rowing?

ET:  It's tricky. Somehow I've found a way to do it. The biggest thing is trying not to procrastinate. I'm pretty good at it, but it's really just learning to take advantage of the tiny time gaps you have between things. Every little hour is time to get something done. It's tricky with three-hour labs and two-hour practices, then you have to eat and study and sleep. It can be a lot.

SB: You're almost done with your undergraduate USC career. What has it meant to go here as you look back at how fast the last four years have gone?

ET: It has been the biggest blessing ever. Not only to take classes here but to get the opportunity to row here too. Especially since that's something that I really never expected. You have so many people supporting you all the time here. It's going to be really special for me looking back on our team. It's crazy to think that this is my last year, I want to maximize all the time I have with the team and pass on all the knowledge that I can to them. I think this season is going to be really special.

Photo Gallery: Baseball's Rivalry Weekend

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Written by Caroline Deisley, USC blog contributor

USC baseball dropped its first series of the season against crosstown rival UCLA this weekend, causing the Trojans to slip in the national rankings to No. 10.

In the first game of the series, the Bruins' bats proved to be too much as they jumped out to an early 5-0 lead that the Trojans could never overcome. Redshirt junior Bobby Stahel did however help the Trojans out with his second home run of the season, but it was not enough as USC fell to UCLA 9-3

Saturday's game closed the Ultimate USC Sports Day, which featured the USC Spring Game, a women's water polo victory and the 35th annual Swim with Mike. This time, USC jumped out to the early advantage with Dante Flores' two-out double to give the Trojans a 2-0 lead in the first inning. Stahel extended the lead and his hitting streak to 16 games in the bottom of the second with a massive 2-run home run followed by an RBI single in the sixth to give the Trojans a 5-0 victory. 

Sunday was poised to be the dramatic rubber match of the series, but yet again, the Bruins jumped all over the Trojan pitchers. The game was back-and-forth for awhile before UCLA took over in the sixth inning to lead 5-3. This score held until the Bruins opened things wide open in the top of the ninth to ultimately win 8-3. Continuing his consistent and impressive weekend, Stahel extended his hitting streak to 17 games with a double. 

Stahel joins senior catcher Garrett Stubbs as an offensive team leader, building on his 2014 campaign where he appeared in 21 games and started just nine. The outfielder leads the Trojans in batting average, hitting .432 for the season in 34 starts. He also leads the team in hits, triples, and is tied for second in RBI. 

Here are John McGillen's photos from Friday (top) and Sunday (bottom):

2015 Safe Summer Tipoff

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Written by Caroline Deisley, USC blog contributor

The 6th Annual Safe Summer Tipoff Youth Safety Festival & Basketball event hosted by the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments will be held Saturday, May 2, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Galen Center. There will be a free barbecue lunch along with a Youth Safety Festival on Figueroa that includes displays and demonstrations, but the day's activities conclude with the highly-anticipated basketball game between the LAPD and the LAFD at 1:00 p.m.

This event is intended to promote youth safety and bring the community together as we head into summer. Last year, the police department saw an impact on public safety in the community from the event, and they hope this year to continue raising awareness with more than 5,000 kids and their families expected to attend. 


Spring Football in 15 Seconds

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Spring football went by fast. Enjoy one second for every day... #FightOn

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