Haden Announces Retirement


USC president Max Nikias told the university community this morning that athletic director Pat Haden has announced his retirement, effective June 30. After that time, Nikias said that Haden will remain at USC for a year, guiding the Coliseum renovation.

Click the link to read Nikias' letter to the Trojan Family: Haden_Patrick_Nikias.pdf

"It has been a tremendous honor serving my alma mater, a school I love so much, as well as serving Max Nikias, our coaches and staff and, most importantly, our student-athletes," said Haden.  "I am proud of what has been accomplished here the past six years and knowing that USC Athletics is on an upward trajectory.  I look forward to finishing out this academic year as athletic director and then spending time on the Coliseum project."

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Pat, you received way too much criticism! Virtually every program is better off in virtually every sport since you took over as AD. I thought that Garrett did a great job (winning I believe 25 NC if my memory serves me), but you exceeded him! I really like your hires of Andy Enfield and Clay Hilton. I think you have set us up for very long-term success with those two winners. Baseball is also vastly improved.

Your love for our school and passion to do the best you can has really made the difference. You have taken a personal care for every sport no matter how underappreciated and made every athlete feel your presence as well as made education a primary focus. Hats off to you and great job!

God bless you Pat!

Dear Mr Haden:

I am sorry to hear that you are retiring as USC's Athletic Director, but I must congratulate you as a fellow Trojan for the exemplary way you have upheld the finest moral and academic traditions of the university during your tenure. You have always been one of my favorite Trojan athletic heroes, and now it seems that you are an administrative hero as well, following in the hallowed steps of USC's President at the time I was a student, Dr. Norman Topping.

Thank you very much for your service to the university that we all love. Please know that despite any criticism which you may have received, you have the respect and admiration of those Trojans who, like myself, may serve in low places, but we all realize how much work and dedication it takes to maintain the University of Southern California first of all as the alma mater of the moral and academic education of its students. In a competitive environment where the demands of winning athletic contests seem paramount, and where USC had been unfairly judged, you did not forget what is most important to its tradition and to its alumni and friends.

Best wishes to you,
Frank Pfost
LAS 1970

Thanks Pat for doing your best in a difficult time. Your handling of the NCAA and the resulting national perception of USC as cheaters was aweful, I'm not sure it could have been handled worse.
With that said as an Alum I appreciate your efforts and wish you nothing but the best in the future. You have set up many programs (W Soccer, T&F and Baseball) for great success in the future. Thanks for leading the Coliseum renovation, (hopefully we can get the occupancy back above 80,000).

Thank you very much for your service to this great University, you are a true gentleman, and a kind person.

I would very happy to see Willie McGinest brought in to some capacity in the athletic program.

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