OFFICIAL: USC vs. Alabama in 2016


USC will take on Alabama on September 3, 2016, as part of the Cowboys Classic at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The mouth-watering matchup of college football titans is a Labor Day weekend neutral site game.  Information on ticket sales, kickoff time and televising network for the 2016 Cowboys Classic will be announced at a later date.  The Trojans' originally-scheduled game on that Saturday date, at home against New Mexico, has been moved to September 19, 2020, in the Coliseum.

"We are excited to participate in a game that is such an attractive matchup for the nation's fans," said new USC head football coach Steve Sarkisian.  "The 2016 Cowboys Classic not only brings together two of college football's most tradition-laden and successful programs, but teams that in 1970 played a significant role in shaping the history of the game.

"At USC, we have always tried to schedule as many outstanding non-conference opponents as possible because we believe that should be part of the experience our players get when they come here.  The Trojans versus the Crimson Tide in Arlington will certainly be such a game."

Alabama leads the all-time series 5-2 over USC, but the Trojans enjoyed two historic victories over the Tide in Birmingham.  Led by African-American fullback Sam Cunningham (pictured), tailback Clarence Davis and quarterback Jimmy Jones, USC pounded Alabama 42-21 in 1970 serving as the catalyst for the integration of Southern football.  In 1978, the two national powers split the national title despite the Trojans 24-14 win over the Tide.

USC is 21-11-1 all-time against the vaunted Southeastern Conference, including four consecutive victories, but Alabama is the rare program that can compete historically with the Trojans tradition. In their history, the teams have produced 26 national champions (11 by USC, 15 by Alabama), 66 bowl victories (32 USC, 34 Alabama), 7 Heisman Trophy winners (6 USC, 1 Alabama), 272 All-American first teamers (161 USC, 111 Alabama), 797 NFL draftees (483 USC, 314 Alabama), 52 College Football Hall of Fame players (31 USC, 21 Alabama) and such legendary coaches as USC's Howard Jones, John McKay, John Robinson and Pete Carroll and Alabama's Wade Wallace, Frank Thomas, Bear Bryant and current head coach Nick Saban.

The Alabama showdown is the latest in the line of historical showcase matchups for the Trojans who have a reputation of taking on all comers.  Along with the annual series against Notre Dame since 1926 and the upcoming home-and-home with Texas in 2017 (in Los Angeles) and 2018 (in Austin), USC has played Ohio State, Auburn, Nebraska, Penn State, Arkansas, Virginia Tech, Kansas State, Syracuse, Hawaii, Minnesota and Virginia on its regular season non-conference slate in the last 15 years.

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ROLL TIDE, Trojan fans... see ya in Dallas!

you had me until "Syracuse, Hawaii, Minnesota and Virginia"

Will be there!! It should be a huge production. Are we the home team or visitor? Interesting to see the colors. Fight On!!


Pretty good matchup, but I'd rather watch Notre Dame vs. Georgia.

Looking forward to a strong opponent in Bama but I believe it will be a CARDINAL AND GOLD day in Arlington! FIGHT ON and Beat the Tide!

Fight On! I'll see ya'll at the game. I cant wait to hear the USC Trojans Fight Song, Fight On!


Fight On! I believe the Truth has been spoken above, the "Real USC" (Not U of Souther Carolina) Owns the SEC. This game is going to be great!

Ha! I got respect for both teams, but Alabama's going run USC out of the stadium! lol

@Buckeyes4ever...I would take your opinion with a grain of salt since you are 9-12-1 (1-10 in bowl games) against the SEC. USC will be in it's 2nd year with a full for SC to make a statement again Bama!

Family divided! 1/2 Roll Tide & 1/2 Fight On!!

I love it!!!! USC is going to be at full strength and SC always has the best athletes but you have to give Alabama credit they're showing some balls too.
it's going to be the best game of the decade fight on!!!!


If Lane is still BAMA's OC in '16 Biggie, Adoree & our new monster linebackers will trap and crush their bubble screen receivers. Hopefully Derek Henry is in the NFL by then and Sam Darnold or Jalen Greene shine as SC's next great QB. SC's DC Wilcox had better wake up by then and take some chances so we can revel in unrolling the Tide before we send them back to Hicksville with a BIG loss. Then let's schedule Auburn and Clemson in '17 and '18 to continue the glory.

Fight On! We ARE SC! get that Barbecue Ready for us Texas and Tex Mex Food for the Tailgate!

How do I get my tickets?!

How soon will tickets to this clash go on sale? I'm salivating at the chance to purchase two.

Any information on when and where tickets will be sold would be greatly appreciated.

Fight On,

Where and when can we get tickets????

Weekender and tickets information please. thanks!

Would love weekender and ticket alerts.

can I get on list to buy tickets for usc vs alabama 2016 please, thank you

Need to purchase tickets for Usc vs Alabama
Sept 3, 2016

Would to be put on the ticket alert for the Alabama game please. Thank you Fight on!

Please place me on list for 2 tickets

To Whom It May Concern,

If my name is selected, I would appreciate the opportunity to purchase a total of four tickets so my teenage kids could join us. Our times together are far too few.

Thank you,
Shari Delaney

As a life long Trojan fan residing in Costa Rica for the last 3 years it would be my pleasure to attend the matchup between SC & Bama! Two of the most storied college football teams going head to head to kick off the 2016 season! Wow! A game and atmosphere that says; big time college football period! Please pick me to attend "Battle Of The Best"!

FIGHT ON! Two traditional programs. Two perennial powerhouses. One Champion...USC!

Anyway I can get on a wait list for tickets?

Are season ticket holders going to get first dibs to buy tickets? Is there going to be a lottery for season ticket holders to buy tickets for this game?? We need info!!

Would love to purchase 4 tickets for this game

Need 2 tickets USC-Alabama Sept 3 , 2016
Will buy asap

When do tickets go on sale to the public? I want to buy two, but do not want to pay scalper prices.

interested in 3 tix

Been a Bama fan my whole life, and I have been waiting for this game. When I first started watching football USC was dominating the sport. It is fitting that two of the nations most prestigious programs of all time are meeting week 1 of the season. Can't wait for the Pac-12's best team and the SEC's best team to play. See you in Texas. Roll Tide.

It's on like a party chicken neckbone!
SC NC = 17
Bama didn't win no damn 1978 title, we went down to Birmingham that year and whooped ya in your own manor, when everything was on the line.
But what a great program they have; only Bama and Notre Dame have more titles than us in the modern era.

Hawaii has a football team?

When was this article written? We had our SECOND Heisman winner 5 months ago!

BINGO! Yours WOULD have to be at the bottom!! :) RTR!

The Crimson Tide will roll over USC
What I want to know, what of those like me
Who can't make Big D, but will watch on TV

What network is carrying the game?!


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