Adventures with a Historian

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Former USC President John R. "Jack" Hubbard has his remarkable life story told in a new book, Adventures with a Historian.  Along with a colorful term as the leader of Troy in the 1970's, Hubbard was a decorated World War II naval aviator and the U.S. ambassador to India.

Click here to purchase the book and direct the net profits to USC scholarships.

While Hubbard's life was about more than just USC, he is well remembered by some great Trojans.

Current USC President C.L. Max Nikias: "Dr. John R. "Jack" Hubbard's leadership inspired USC's rapid advance through the 1970's, and in those pivotal 10 years, the university completely transformed itself."

Head coach John Robinson: "Jack Hubbard was an important figure in Southern California.  He was brilliant and funny and a great leader, and all that comes alive in this book.  I loved the man, and I'm glad he will be remembered in these pages."

All-American Charles "Tree" Young: "Dr. Hubbard was a giant man who cared deeply about the education of his students."

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