Up for the Challenge

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USC does not have a hockey team, but the Trojans are giving a scholarship to a hockey player this year. Jack Jablonski, who was paralyzed from the neck down after an on-ice injury in 2011, is one of the new Swim With Mike recipients ready for the challenge of USC.

Swim With Mike, a scholarship fund for physically challenged athletes, was founded by the Trojan Family and has now raised more than $15 million, including over a million at this spring's event.  Inspirational stories and people like Jablonski are why USC is so proud to be associated with it.

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The Minnesota native has thrived despite his injury with help from a great support system of friends, family and medical professionals.  Now, like most 18-year-olds, he is ready for his independence. 

"I've obviously been very fortunate, and I'm so thankful," Jablonski told the Star Tribune. "I understand the consequences of leaving here and going there. ... It'll be tough, but I'm looking ­forward to the challenge."

Jablonski does a weekly radio appearance for a Minnesota sports station.
Jablonski.jpg(Photo by Carlos Gonzalez)

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