Tri and Tri Again

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USC men's volleyball alum Tri Bourne picked up his first gold medal on the professional beach volleyball circuit by teaming up with John Hyden, a San Diego State alum, to win the FIVB Berlin Grand Slam.  Bourne, who recently turned 25 on June 20, helped make Hyden, 41, the oldest men's player ever to win FIVB open gold. 

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Bourne, a native of Hawaii, is playing on the beach after a professional indoor career in Puerto Rico. He was a member of USC teams that were the NCAA runner-up in 2009 and finished third in 2011 when he was a senior.

Hyden (left) and Bourne (right) hangin' loose on the Berlin beach.
GetImage (8).jpeg(Photo courtesy of FIVB)

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