Train Like a Trojan

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USC head strength and conditioning coach Ivan Lewis and his staff are hosting a Speed and Power Camp this Sunday, June 29, for aspiring athletes in grades 6-12 looking to improve their explosiveness and strength.

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In the state of the art John McKay Center weight room, campers will be introduced to explosive Olympic weight training movements and receive in-depth instruction on technique. These movements are designed to improve overall power and explosiveness, setting the foundation for campers to increase their speed and jumping ability.

On the field, campers will be put through the same dynamic warm-up USC athletes complete before each competition to achieve peak performance. On-field work will include instruction for proper running mechanics, agility training and exposure to plyometric movements to increase each athlete's explosiveness.

Sports nutrition and recovery will also be addressed. Each participant will leave the camp with a foundation of knowledge and skills to improve performance in all sports.

This camp is applicable for athletes in all sports. All campers will begin registration at 12:30 p.m. and conclude at 5:30 p.m. All camp participants will receive a camp T-shirt and meal.


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