Coliseum Fan Experience Enhancements


USC 9m x 45m Layout - 4.jpgSeveral enhancements to the fan experience at USC home football games--on-field suites and premium clubs located on the field and outside the Peristyle--will be introduced at the Coliseum in the upcoming 2014 season through a partnership between the USC athletic department and Legends, a global leader in hospitality and client services.

Additional unique fan enhancements, including other dining and tailgating options and exclusive in-game viewing content, are being planned by USC and will be announced prior to the season.

The Peristyle Club, located outside the east end of the Coliseum, will provide members with a one-of-a-kind pre- and post-game tailgating experience, including all-inclusive upscale food and beverage, a cash bar, shaded lounge seating, music and live sports on TVs.  The Peristyle Club experience will be an arm's length away as the USC team enters the stadium during the pre-game Trojan Walk.  The Peristyle Club will be open three hours prior to kickoff until an hour after the game ends.

Ten private Field Suites, seating 16 patrons on the field just feet from the action, will line the east end zone in front of the Sun Deck.  Suite holders, who will access the field via the iconic Coliseum Peristyle stairs, will enjoy an unprecedented VIP experience.  Field Suite holders have unlimited entry to the Peristyle Club, as well as to the Field Club.

The exclusive Field Club, adjacent to the Field Suites, will provide 100 members with a high-end, on-field experience, including food and beverage service.  The Trojan football team's entrance into the stadium from the Trojan Walk will include passage through the Field Club, whose members also have access to the Peristyle Club.

For further information, or to reserve a spot in the new Field Suite, Field Club or Peristyle Club, contact the USC Premium Department at  Access to the Field Suites, Field Club and Peristyle Club are available on a season or individual game basis.

The USC football team, under new coach Steve Sarkisian, returns 18 starters on offense and defense from a squad that went 10-4 last season.  The Trojans open their 2014 campaign at home against Fresno State on Aug. 30 at 4:30 p.m.


This is totally not necessary and is for the 'fan' that will watch the game on a TV in the suites. Really, I'd rather watch the game from home. These 'fans' are big donors that come to be seen by other big donors while at the game. I'd rather they be set up at Town and Gown and watch the game on a HUGE TV SCREEN and let the sun deck be closer the to field.

I got my degree from SC in 1980.

I hear the marching band will still be located in the sun deck. And now you're planning to put a structure (luxury boxes or whatever) in front of the sun deck? That sounds like a very bad idea.

Incidentally, putting the band in the sun deck was a bad idea to begin with. The band should be at the bottom of the student section, opposite to the press box.

Thank you.

Suggestion.......Drop the upscale area to accommodate sight level for viewing partrons......just a thought.. :)

This looks like it will impact the view from the Sundeck. It would be a shame to penalize the Marching Band, the biggest supporters of the team, just to make more money on private suites... Hopefully you are considering this and making adjustments to the Sundeck placement as needed...

I am a 30+ year season ticket holder, an alumnus with 2 degrees, and a former member of the Spirit of Troy. I understand the band will remain in the SunDeck seat, which appear as if they will now have blocked vision.

Are you kidding me?

What are you all thinking, or are you even thinking? Do you care about the students, faculty, staff, support organizations, or general alumni at all? Is $$$$ the only thing that matters to you anymore?

We are SC - the University of Southern California - Trojans. We are NOT the Dallas Cowboy. We are NOT Nike University. We are a family, NOT a corporate event. I strongly suggest you learn this before your fan base deserts you.

Remember as kid hanging out behind the goal post throwing the football. Only a school yard fence separating us kids from the end zone. Saw an epic fight right there between Georgia Tech and SC, when Lynn Swann was decked making a fair catch. Great memories.

I'm glad the endzones are back fully painted as well!!!

So, where's the band going to sit?

Fight on,
Drum Section Leader
Class of 1979

I understand the concept and it makes serving a very small number of boosters. This does not enhance the "fan experience" overall. It may have been better to simply 'surprise' us all with the change when we walked into the Coliseum in August.

And blocking the band - not only from their own viewing perspective but also from a sound diffusion standpoint - seems shortsighted.

Who cares? It's only USC.

I got my degree from USC in 1955. In those days, the rooting section was between the 40 yard lines. Pretty soon it will be eliminated and become a first-come, first-served thing. Your proposal is idiotic and reflects on the lack of humanistic thought in high places. If you want to do something for the real fans, make the seats more comfortable. Provide more leg room! USC has really got on the money train and now wants to nickle and dime the alumni for all it can get! You should use your financial power to make life better for all, not just a favored few that will return you more bucks.
Wake up administration! Believe me when I say that if you follow through on your plans the whole thing will collapse in on you in the near future.

I totally agree with all the comments. As a 30+ yrs season ticket holder, I'd like to see wider aisles, cup holders(can't count times I've spilled my $6 drink)and now that I'm in my mid 50's HANDRAILS would be a big plus..not fancy suites!!!!

What about those die-hard fans who still cannot heard the loudspeakers? What are you going to do for them?

What will you do for the handicapped fans who cannot get to the upper row to watch the game, because that is where they told it is the only place they can stand to relieve the pain of sitting?

What are you going to do for the fans who stuck it through the sanctions, who didn't make a gazillion dollars, but bought over-priced season tickets, anyway???????

All of us are family, not just the richest ones who just jumped on the bandwagon to be seen by other elitists.

And, for the sake of Troy, what about the vision of the Spirit of Troy? Is that of no importance to you?

Pat Hayden and Company, you should know better and do better.

It's always about the money.
The band needs to be moved back to the student section.
Get rid of the spirit squad or whatever they are called. They are useless.
I know that the football program is big business. It is College not the pros.

Fan Experience??? You mean give the wealthy more amenities and leave your true and majority fan base on the outside looking in!
Great fan experience!!! Fight On! LOL!!!!

This is just about the worst idea I've ever heard. Separating the band from the action and blocking sight lines for regular fans so a few millionaires can stand around drinking and talking and ignoring the game? Drop this idiotic plan now.
Class of 1976

So there is going to be a huge tented area for wealthy quite fans to watch the game on their TV's in front of the rowdy student section and ever important band? Seemingly blocking sight, looks great!

This is a ridiculous idea. I get that USC needs donations but this seems like it will take away from what I thought USC cared about: its students. If I were still a student I'd see this as a giant F U. The band will be hidden now and the student section will have to try and look over/around this domed monstrosity. I truly expect more from my alma mater.

I am an alum of USC and have always appreciated the university's insistence on diversity and inclusiveness. As described, the plan will now divide fans between "elite" and "mere fans". This does not represent the Spirit of Troy.

As a member of the Committee Support Group for over a dozen years, I am appalled by this.

Hopefully this means the endzones will in fact be cardinal and gold again, as shown here.

Current student at USC. Not only does the band sit in the sundeck but a majority of the greek community sits there as well. Yet, you are going to put essentially a wall in their viewing path? I hope you enjoy the extra money for such a stupid idea while students stop coming to the games...

Can we just return to Football?
It's turning into a big money grab.
How about that sneaky little $5.00 fee per ticket
per game for the "Coliseum Improvement Fee".
Funny, SC gets a sweetheart deal on running the Coliseum and the 19 year season ticket holder (me) gets screwed over.
Spend On!

Looks terrible, aesthetically and symbolically. How about focusing on the other 99% of spectators/fans, including students and the TMB? This is an eyesore that will distract from what's happening the field.

I agree with the posters above that as planned this is a bad idea. How about if the suites are lowered to slightly below field level (only 3 feet or so, so that there is still a view of the action - some major league baseball stadiums have this sort of set-up behind home plate)and is directly below a raised sundeck so that there is no obstruction of the view from the sundeck (and in fact the view will be enhanced due to the higher vantage point). The Field Club could then be under and to the sides of the sundeck and suites. There should be plenty of big screens in the suites and Field Club so that the game could be watched in those areas.

What a poor idea. It's always all about the money and how dare you insult the fans and alumni by announcing this as enhancing the fan experience.

Ever since USC took over the Coliseum they have only made the fan experiance worse. You have destroyed the Thundering Herd by not allowing them on the wall to greet the team, and now this! This is the worst Idea yet and I am sure based on the horrible track record already, things will only get worse.
Pat Haden and President Nikias, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Get lost!

My sister is in the band and the only reason i still go to the games anymore. After this season I am not renewing my season tickets.

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