NCAA Amends Meal Plan

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The NCAA Legislative Council approved several changes Tuesday most notably amending the rule on feeding student-athletes to allow for unlimited meals and snacks for scholarship and non-scholarship participants.  Previously, walk-ons were not allowed to be provided food by the athletic department and scholarship athletes were limited to three meals a day or a food stipend.

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USC athletic director Pat Haden has been passionate about this issue since taking the job and talking to student-athletes who complained about being left hungry.  He also tweeted out his excitement about walk-ons being included in team meals as they play an invaluable role on any college team.

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I am in total disagreement with our AD Pat Haden and this token the NCAA so generously bestows, much as the rich throws crumbs to the poor. BIG DEAL, it's time to stand up and fight for our school, and Pat should have done this and not laid down and have our current kids and program suffer from a non proven violation in 2005. In the last year of probation, we have watched our program take a back seat to the likes of Stanford, ASU and UCLA, REALLY??? Did we not hear and to this day that PETE Carroll vehemently says that the NCAA had no proof of any violation and we submitted, and Pat Haden has the gall to says now we are going to win the "right way". Steve Sarkisian, is and was the heir apparent to Pete, and he will bring our program back to prominence. Steve will continue the "right way" as Pete Carroll showed and continue to shows!!! We need leadership and respect, not the bashing Pat does to JK at banquets that is getting old.

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