Reminder: Lonnie White Memorial

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The family of Lonnie White, a Trojan football great and award-winning LA Times sportswriter, has created a beautiful tribute site for friends and fans to send donations for his memorials, which will be held April 26 at USC (Noon inside the Galen Center Founder's Room).

If you'd like to contribute to the memorial fund or just read the dedications, click here to view the site.


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It was a pleasure to have known Lonnie from the days he covered UCLA , as I was a recruiting and WBB beat writer on the old We chatted at practices and was such a decent and caring person. He was very excited about his book coming out, and I was amazed at how much this Trojan knew about UCLA. He offered to come to my speech class at Carson HS and talk about both the book and carers in broadcast journalism. When he walked onto the campus several coaches recognized him and raced to shake his hand, Several football players also sat in on the presentation. Lonnie really enjoyed talking to the kids. In fact,when the bell rang he was still talking! No one should have chastised him for accepting some financial assistance. The athletic scholie does not feed a kid on the weekends nor help him take a girl out on a date. It must be humiliating to be at a $50K school and have nothing in one's pockets. It is to his credit that he was so honest about it, for it can only add to the current conversation on the matter.
RIP Lonnie. I am glad your suffering is over.

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