20-20 Scoring

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USC men's basketball alums Taj Gibson and DeMar DeRozan exploded for 20 points apiece in the first half of their respective NBA playoff games on Sunday. 

Gibson finished with a postseason career-high 32 points (13/16 from the field) and 7 rebounds, but the Bulls fell to the Wizards, and now sit on the brink of elimination.  As anyone knows who remembers Gibson from his USC days, winning is all he cares about.

"I don't look at the points," Gibson said after the game. "I look at W's and L's, wins and losses. I could have rebounded a lot better, had better help-side defense, switched and fouled at the right time. I felt we were not in sync."

Gibson has a real chance to be named the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year after enjoying a career season coming off the bench.  His constant energy and defensive prowess are appreciated by his teammates and head coach Tom Thibodeau who called Gibson's play on Sunday "just tremendous. People that have seen him play all year understand how good he is. He is great with his preparation."

"You can count on that guy every single day," Thibodeau said.

Meanwhile, DeRozan has strung together three consecutive big games to help pull Toronto even at 2-2 with Brooklyn.  He is averaging 28 points per contest over the last three.

DeRozan (left) and Gibson (right) teamed up to win the conference tournament at USC.

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