USC Women's Leadership Dinner

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Written by Caroline Deisley, USC blog contributor
Last week, USC's Senior Associate Athletic Director for women's sports Donna Heinel (pictured) invited USC female student-athletes to attend a women's leadership dinner where they had the opportunity to meet a plethora of women from all different backgrounds. Some were athletes but there were also authors, engineers, financial experts just to highlight a few of the women who were at the dinner. 

Junior outside hitter Emily Young attended the event and used her position as a contributor to the ESPNW blog to share the enlightening experience with everyone. The junior emphasized the importance of the event noting that it's imperative for women to see other women doing what they want to do so that they can not only be inspired, but also so that they can connect with women with whom they share a lot in common. 

"Women attend women's conferences seeking inspiration on the path of constant improvement in their personal and business lives," said Young via the ESPNW blog. "There is no road map for life (to the frustration of many drivers), but if we can learn from the path set forth by others, we can find a sense of direction and even a friend along the way."

Young also mentioned the takeaways from the dinner acknowledging the importance as an athlete to learn how to transition the skills you've developed through sports into the real world and specifically the workplace. "We hear as athletes that we have the skills that businesses are looking for, but oftentimes, we overlook what we can do ourselves," said the junior. 

Young highlighted that none of this inspiration or knowledge that she left the women's leadership dinner with could have been possible without the efforts of Donna Heinel as she was the one who encouraged the female student-athletes to attend the event.

For more detail and information about the dinner and what Young learned, check out her extremely well-written blog post.

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