Martinez Pushes It to the Max

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OG John Martinez absolutely killed the bench press at USC's 2014 Pro Day as he managed to bench 225 pounds a whopping 42 times with the second-best amount of reps coming from OT Kevin Graf who had 27. 

Martinez's performance ties North Carolina Tarheels C Russell Bodine's 42-rep effort during the 2014 NFL Combine for the best this season; however, it's important to note that since 1999 only fourteen men have benched over 40 reps at the NFL Combine with the record still set at 51 reps by Justin Ernest from Eastern Kentucky Univeristy in 1999.

"Above 40 was my goal but the fact that I did it is still a shock," said Martinez. "My teammates gave me the extra boost I needed to get past 40. I felt like I did well today."

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