Haden on Northwestern Unionization

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In light of today's breaking news about Northwestern football's unionization case, here is USC Athletic Director Pat Haden's take on the subject from his most recent "State of Troy":

"Clearly, change is in the air in college football with issues like pay-for-play, unionization and concussion prevention drawing national attention.  As an administrator, these are all worthy of discussion in terms of how we can create a better environment within the rules of the NCAA.  Regarding unionization specifically, I have looked at the demands of the Northwestern players, and quite honestly, we provide most of those already at USC.  We do not yank scholarships from players, and we happily pay for former student-athletes to come back and complete their degrees.  In terms of health benefits and stipends, we provide the maximum allowed under NCAA rules, but we would love the opportunity to do more, especially when it comes to feeding our student-athletes.  It is unjust that we cannot feed them when they are hungry.  The Northwestern case will work its way through the court system over the next few years, and we will closely monitor it, and maintain a dialogue with our student-athletes about how we can improve."


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I agree with Pat....makes sense to me.

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