A Full Deck

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Last year, USC women's sand volleyball was the best team in the nation on court No. 1. Kirby Burnham and Stevi Robinson proved that by winning the National Pairs Championship. 

In the last week, the Women of Troy have knocked off No. 4 Florida State and No. 3 Hawaii by using their depth to score points at the back end of the lineup.  As Burnham and freshman Sara Hughes develop chemistry in the top spot, the Trojans are gutting out 3-2 wins thanks to pairs Eve Ettinger/Bria Russ and Brooke Fournier or Allie Wheeler/Nicolette Martin at No. 4 and No. 5.

Click here for a recap of the Hawaii and Arizona victories.

Now in its third year, No. 2 USC women's sand volleyball is 6-1 to start the season as recruiting is building a real program. Freshmen Sara Hughes and Kelly Claes as well as sophomore newcomer Alexa Strange are occupying three of the top four spots pushing veterans like Natasa Siljkovic, Bria Russ (pictured) and Sam Hirschmann down in the order.

In dual matches this season, USC is 11-3 in the No. 4 and No. 5 positions.  The Trojans are 14-7 in the top three spots.


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