Photo Gallery: A Day in Troy


Thousands of local kids enjoyed a day on the USC campus to understand the value of higher education.  After tours led by Trojan student-athletes, the next generation experienced a Women of Troy victory over UCLA and an all-around fun day at Galen Center.

Here are the John McGillen photos:

USC DAY IN TROY - Images by John McGillen


I went with my old middle school where I used to work at. I can say first hand the kids had a fantastic time. Kudos to SC for reaching out to the community, and putting on such an A+ experience for the Kids. The UCLA beat down was the icing on the cake. Fight On!

The spirit of the Trojans will not stop; it will go on forever as long as there is good to be done.
Ny mother is a Widney and was on campus a long time ago with her Uncle Joe (Dr.Joseph Widney).
USC will always be involved in good causes, wherever they exist.
We were at the Galen Center Saturday night when thousands of young people came out. Well done.
George W. Braden BS MBA OStJ

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