State of Troy: January 2014


Each month, we interview USC Athletic Director Pat Haden to get his take on the hot topics around Heritage Hall.

Haden on the new Heritage Hall...

1525436_10153793207945105_645231402_n.jpgI grew up in this building.  It opened my sophomore year in 1972.  Back then, it was state-of-the-art, but it has not been for a decade.  Our senior associate athletic director Mark Jackson, who led the renovation project, did a phenomenal job.  Unlike the John McKay Center, Heritage Hall is a public space.  We welcome our fans, students and faculty to come by and visit.  It is a real celebration of 125 years of unparalleled athletic history. 

Haden on the latest plans for the Coliseum...

First and foremost, in the next couple of weeks, many of our fans, season ticket holders and athletic support group members will receive a comprehensive survey asking them what they want from the Coliseum renovation.  We want you to tell us what you want.  Do not let us decide for you.  From that information, we will sit down with the architects and design a concept around your feedback.  Then, we will see what that costs and come up with a development plan to marry the support with the cost of what you want.  We will have to raise those dollars and then start construction, so it will likely be at least another year before shovels are in the ground.  With that said, we will continue to make positive changes to the stadium for this upcoming season as we did last year, improving concessions, restrooms and overall cleanliness.

Haden on Andy Enfield's rebuilding job...

_MCG6538.jpgEveryone wants to see our men's basketball program be successful, but it is not going to happen overnight.  When we made the coaching change, our focus was on building a program.  We have had positive flashes this season, like this week's impressive win over California, but we have had some poor moments as well.  There is no doubt in my mind that our basketball program is in good hands under Andy Enfield.  Los Angeles is a fertile recruiting base that has been supplying our competitors with top talent, and we are focused on convincing those kids to stay at home and come to our great university. 

Click here to see USC play Stanford on Sunday at 2 p.m.

Haden on Cynthia Cooper-Dyke's positive start to Pac-12 play...

Cynthia and her staff have done a fantastic job, and the women are responding to her system. Her style of play is really a lot like Andy's.  They are scoring a lot of points, 109 the other day against Oregon, and playing entertaining basketball.  I am surprised we are not ranked after a 6-1 start in conference, but we will be if we can have a successful weekend against Cal and Stanford.  Cynthia's energy is infectious.  She is so much fun to watch during the games, and she still thinks she can go out there and play at a very high level.  And, she probably could.

Haden on Steve Sarkisian's coaching staff...

It is a young group, and quite frankly, this has become a young man's game.  The amount of hours these guys put into the job requires a ton of energy and enthusiasm.  They relate to young people well, and I have heard that directly from our players.  They have also assimilated into the Trojan Family instantly.  They had heard about USC from the other places they worked, and they believe in the power of this university, and are already great ambassadors for the department.

(Photos by Brett Padelford and John McGillen)


Start with a REAL COACHING STAFF... then a REAL A.D. Maybe he should have asked the fans what kind of coach we wanted instead of making the decision for us. Oh wait! he made that decision for us when he ignored the fan base that wanted Coach O and hired Suckisian, He didn't hear us then why does our opinion matter now? so why dont you just make it the way you want Professor Haden. You seem to know what troy needs anyways. What a dumb request... "let us know what you want." please... smh.. What an Insult!

@John... you want to talk about insults? Look in the mirror. You and your pessimistic comments are the problem in USC's fanbase. Shutup and support the teams and programs. You are a fair weather fan and that is fine, but many of us bleed Crimson and Gold and stand with the University through everything. If Sark goes 0-5 then complain. Until then, can we atleast get to Spring ball before you start to cry again?

Cynthia Cooper has taken last year's players and made a statement so far with things looking better.
She has no help from the two freshmen. Any choice would have been better than the other Cooper who was a complete joke. Enfield has the same opportunity to shine right away to an extent which is not happening. Maybe that win over Cal will bring new life to the team. He is getting a lot of help from the freshman Jovanovich who he didn't recruit. The man to have hired was the coach at Wichita St.

I would like to know why James Franklin didn't even get an interview??

I don't think Coach O was the answer, but Franklin should have got SERIOUS consideration.

John, NOTHING positive comes from your negativity. If you can't or don't want to support the players, coaches, administration and university, which now includes the coliseum, go to Westwood.

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