Davis Changes Course


Bo Davis, who accepted the USC defensive line coaching position on January 7, told Steve Sarkisian today that because of family reasons, he has reconsidered his decision, and is instead accepting a similar position at Alabama.

"We wish Bo and his family the best of luck.  He is a good coach," said Sarkisian.  "We will move forward and find a great coach for our defensive line."


Coach O, if you are reading this, PLEASE come back!!

The Muffin Revenge.

Completely a joke for Pat Haden and the AD dept.
Who is flying this plane anyway? I've never seen so much incompetence come out of an Athletic Dept. over the last 4 years in my life.. geezus man, it's time to go dude.


Davis, not a Trojan only the best of the best will keep our tradition going strong.

We're raiding USC's staff already? Nick gathers no moss.56223249

Coach O come are a Trojan forever.

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