Tall Tale Well Told

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USC women's volleyball lost a heartbreaking five-set match to Washington in the NCAA quarterfinals on Saturday that will not soon be forgotten by any member of the Women of Troy.  As a part-time blogger for, junior Emily Young did her best to put the match and the emotions into words.

Click here to read her story on the classic match.

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The girls were steadfast, it was coaching once again that did them dis-service. What went on at halftime in the locker room surely didn't keep them focused enough. The 3rd and 4th sets they went thru the motions for some unknown reason. This staff is not what it should be ever since Paula Weishoff left to be a head coach. Haley won with Jared Elliott's players who is now at Texas in the final four while UW Coach Jim McLaughlin was a former head coach for men at USC. This team had too many meltdowns being ranked #1 in preseason especially losing three in a row sets to Arizona, WSU (mediocre team ) after being up 2 - 0 and of course in the regional finals last Saturday. Good coaches know how to stem the tide before things get out of hand. An interesting question is do you want a coach that wins the national title one year and fails to make the tournament the next (ucla - 2012-13) or one that only gets so far year after year?

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