USC men's and women's basketball unveiled the new Tommy and Traveler mascots that will be running around Galen Center this year. 

Here is your first look:



These are terrible. No need for this. We're unique because we don't have cheesy mascots like other universities. If we needed a kid/Galen Center friendly mascot, we should bring back George Tirebiter. Please please get rid of these. I'm sure you can tell already that everyone hates them...

Please tell me this is a very early April fools joke. I have been a USC supporter all my life. I attended 1970-75 and marched in the Trojan Marching Band. Was part of the first band to go to Notre Dame and was a part of the change from a traditional Drum Major uniform to Trojan warrior. Although I didn't cheer every time Our magnificent mascot entered the Coliseum (was playing my instrument), I was proud to be a Trojan for life. One of the things that separated us from other universities was our lack of a cartoon mascot. We didn't need one because we were better than that. Now I see this new look and wonder why Buzz Lightyear is wearing a Trojan outfit and don't even ask me about the horse. Please reconsider this decision. We don't need caricatures, we ar SC. Yes I know Cal has Oskie and Oregon has the Duck and Stanford has the Tree. But we are better than that, we don't need comic book characters to represent us. I can't sopprt this new direction in mascots.

One of the great things about USC was that we did NOT have cartoon character mascots like these. We have a real horse and a real guy who once wore a costume from the movie, Ben Hur. These are embarrassing. USC has too much class for these.

Will the horse be making somersault dunks from a small trampoline too? Holy smokes, who's brain fart was this?

This is shameful. USC is known for its class and arrogance (in a good way). This is a disgrace and ashame to be called a Trojan. Please tell me this is a joke!!!!!!
Keep traditions, traditions make who we at...SC

Get rid of them before it's too late. They are an embarrassment.

I am willing to take up a collection among the alumni to reimburse the University for these costumes, so that they may be taken away and burned, never to be spoken of again.

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