Haden Reacts to NCAA Decision on Miami


The NCAA released its ruling on the Miami Hurricanes football and basketball programs today.  The football program will not have an additional bowl ban after self-imposing one the previous two seasons, and the Hurricanes will be docked three scholarships annually over the next three years.

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Here are USC Athletic Director Pat Haden's comments on the penalties:

"We have always felt that our penalties were too harsh.  This decision only bolsters that view.  Beyond that, we have no further comment."


Mr. Haden,

Your statements are disgraceful.

You and President Max Nikias are an embarrassment to USC. Your public NCAA butt kissing campaign has been a colossal failure.

With each NCAA decision, you continue to make empty statements that mean absolutely nothing.

I can honestly say this is the first time I have been embarrassed of being a University of Southern California alumnus. I do not plan on attending any more athletics events or donating to USC as long as you are Athletics Director and Mr. Nikias is President.

You and Max should be ashamed.

Class of 1985

Apparently the fair minded folks at the NCAA don't give a rip about any of your comments Pat. Any actions forthcoming? I won't hold my breath.

The NCAA should be ashamed of themselves! They can talk all day long about injury prevention and change the rules on targeting etc..., but in the end, they've created a dangerous environment by the reductions of scholarships at USC. The team is decimated with injuries because of the lack of players for substitution in games and in practice. They don't care about the health and welfare of young athletes. We need to get rid of this organization before it ruins college sports. Punishing kids who had nothing to do with previous infractions is stupid and potentially harmful to their health & future(on and off the field).

They breached their contract with USC by denying them the equitable enforcement of the bylaws. Article 19, section 1.1 of the Bylaws guanatees "fairness of procedures and the timely and equitable resolution of infractions cases." Does that sound like something the NCAA provided to USC? Does the creation of ex-post facto rules promote fairness and equality? How about radically disproportionate sanctions? How about the explicit denial of the use of precedent during the appeal? USC can and should make the NCAA regret the breach of its contractual obligation to provide a fair and equitable process.

Rhode Scholar Bill Clinton govern the world for 8 years.

Rhode Scholar Pat Haden could not run usc FB program, what a waste of Rhode scholarship???

Sue those b*stards! Even if we lose a lawsuit, we will win by removing some of the substantial tarnish on the USC athletics brand. The value of our brand is worth much more than the cost of an expensive lawsuit. Let's expose the Railroading of USC Football by Paul Dee. Any USC documentary filmakers out there interested?

Dear USC Athletic Administration,

Given the latest NCAA announcements regarding the University of Miami egregious rules violations being met with penalties that frankly were ludicrous in context, scope, and design, I issue the following:

Please request and secure an immediate return of Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy, both to the university and to Reggie himself. He earned it on the field of play, and despite his apparent rules violations should not be forced to continue to forfeit his award in the face of unequal treatment and injustices demonstrated by the NCAA and their nonsensical adjudication process; that runs counter to any fair court or rules issuing body.

Along with his USC Jersey, images, and all noted records and historical placement of his player profile should be immediately and promptly restored to their original place in Heritage Hall and within the writings and lore of athletic history for USC athletes, noted both visually, and in print, and forever be noted in the future moving forward.

What an absolute embarrassment and betrayal to this all time great Trojan via the likes of a corrupt and thoroughly sinister organization that can't even abide by its own ethics, rules, and standards.

It is all to obvious that the rulings and deliberations were totally lacking merit and veracity. And the penalty did not fit the case as rendered. RESTORE HIS NAME!

Fight On!

mr. haden,

was this the extent of influence that either you or our university president could exert? if it is or if this is the extent of your willingness to fight on, why don't YOU just move on... back to broadcasting games for the irish, practicing corporate law, or whatever endeavor your heart is set on. fighting for our pride, our tradition, and our trojan family are not your priorities.

"beyond that we have no further comment." this statement is beyond sad. it reflects the lack of vision, commitment, and desire to fight an injustice by the ENTIRE university administration. you and president max nikias have done more damage to our football program and its tradition, than coach kiffin could have ever done; and i am NO fan of kiffin.

Pat Haden, as a fellow Alum, I just do not understand how you can so passively handle this situation. Regardless of what happened today with Miami, we have already witnessed several other programs get off the hook with the corrupt NCAA for doing far worse than anything in our situation, and you have sat by idly and done nothing. I'm not sure if the decision to not go after the NCAA and renounce their penalties is your decision or if that comes from Nikias and the Board of Trustees, but as an alum, a former football player, and an ambassador of the university, you owe it to the players on that team to give them everything you have to fight for them. As much as we as fans and alum are suffering from embarrassment at they way the administration has handled this situation, the players are suffering far worse and they are the ones whose safety and future careers are at risk. The truth is that the inaction of the university for the last few years has brought this situation upon us. What you said today about the penalties being too harsh we all knew years ago. So why have you not done anything about it? I know an appeal was filed. That was the bare minimum you could have done to right this situation and it obviously was not enough. Why was no further recourse even attempted? I just hope today's news makes it abundantly clear that it is time for the university to take action by any means necessary to right this situation. You and Mr. Nikias are in a privileged position to represent this great university so now it is time for you and the administration to act like Trojans and FIGHT ON. Thank you.

The only thing more outrageous than corruption and hypocrisy of the NCAA is the University's inaction and apparent impotence in the face of this injustice.

Your are a collossal failure haden; you too nikias.

you are an actual embarrassment to USC.

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