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LA Times reporter Gary Klein compiled Pete Carroll's quotes on the Lane Kiffin firing and resulting promotion of Ed Orgeron.  Both Kiffin and Orgeron were assistants under Carroll at USC.

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"That's been a real tough time," Carroll told reporters Monday in Seattle. "It's been a hard time for the Trojan family, a hard couple of years. This is difficult too.

"It's getting a lot of interest for obvious reasons. It's a huge program and all of that. I've known Lane since he was a little kid, so I feel for him in this situation. But they've made a decisive move and they're going to move forward. They'll make a good choice and get the thing going the way they want to go. But it's very difficult."

"Ed [Orgeron] has been through enough as a head coach and he's got a real way about him that resonate, and he can take control of a very difficult situation and make something happen that's positive," Carroll said.


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Pete Carroll just needs to keep his pie hole shut about the firing of Lane Kiffin and the after effects on those associated with Kiffin. Kiffin has taken too much money from USC already. He never should have been hired on Carroll's staff in the first place. The guy was a nothing at Fresno State and was only hired because Carroll owed Kiffin's Daddy a favor for Monte Kiffin giving Carroll a job. And, they need to stop saying that Kiffin was hired as USC's head coach in a difficult situation. Remember that Kiffin was part of Carroll's staff when the NCAA violations occurred and was well aware of what Bush was doing. So, Kiffin wasn't just aware of the problems, he looked the other way and kept his mouth shut. He was rewarded for keeping his mouth shut. So, now he is out of a job, and so are some of the nasty folks he brought with him from Tennessee. Anybody who hires Kiffin is a real fool. This guy has finally been exposed to the outside world as a football fraud. Al Davis of the Raiders was smart to dump him when he did. And finally, if Pete Carroll has anything to say about the current state of the USC football program, it should only be reflected in an apology to the alumni for the mess he left behind.l

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