Washington State Tuesday: Notes

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The Trojans are back to work in preparation for the Pac-12 and home opener this Saturday at the Coliseum...
  • After his pick six, Josh Shaw has switched to No. 6.  The redshirt junior has become an invaluable player on this team thanks to his versatility to play every position in the secondary.
  • Kessler-Kiffin-UH-PC.jpgWhile Shaw and the defense were the stars of the show last week, all the questions were offensive related today.  Both quarterbacks are expected to play again this week, but no starter will be announced before Saturday.
  • Cody Kessler and Max Wittek had similar takes on the time share.  Wittek: "It is a smaller opportunity to shine...but we are both going to be ready for this game and take the opportunities that come our way."  And Kessler: "It pushes you more to know that you are going to have these many snaps to make a statement and state your case."
  • Kessler took away positives and negatives from an "up and down" performance in the season opener.  He liked his first two and last two drives, but lost his way in the middle.  "That wasn't me playing," he said.  "I was kind of thinking of all the outside stuff.  I was putting so much pressure on myself to be perfect, and I realize that is not possible.  I feel so much more clear and ready and excited for this game."
  • Wittek is focused on taking what the defense gives him and making the smart decision.  "The homerun shot is only going to be there X amount of times per game," he said. "The deep balls that I did throw, they were there."
  • Wittek was forced to wait around for his opportunity last Thursday, and spent the time in Kessler's ear.  "I knew it was going to come, so I just took the mindset that when it does come, enter the game with a level head."  He is taking the same mindset into this week.
  • The quarterbacks are only one of 11 players on an offense.  LG Max Tuerk acknowledged that there is "definitely room for improvement" on the offensive line as well.
  • Like many players on this offensive line, Tuerk is adjusting to a new position at left guard.  "It's a little different.  You've got a little bit more to worry about," he said.  He described tackle as playing on "an island."
  • The offensive line did find a rhythm in the running game however.  "It's always fun to run a little bit and get some good blocks.  I thought it was a good balance," said Tuerk.
  • Here are Kiffin's thoughts on all things quarterback and football related...

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