USC vs WSU: Post-Game Presser


Another impressive performance by the Trojan defense wasn't enough to overcome the Cougars on Saturday as USC fell to WSU 10-7. Here's Coach Kiffin in the post-game presser.....


Offensive play calling was bizarre at best. It seemed Kiffin was playing to hold a 1 touchdown lead and was afraid to try and score. A big mistake. Totally inefficient play calling. Never throw to tight ends? Never throw to a back? Run on 3rd and forever every time.
You want to get a quarterback? Give him a chance to play. Don't throttle him with this conservative chicken crap.
And by the way the defense was lucky oh so many times, Conner just couldn't throw .
An offensive line would help.
In short this mamma help me attitude is killing the USC spirit and it really showed in the lack of fire in the players. You make it boring even you own players will get bored.
Fight like a Trojan!!!!

I think Lame Brain Kiffen has his headband too tight.
When is Somnolence Hayden going to wake up to the fact that Lame Brain is a lousy coach, even worst offensive coordinator and a poor recruiter.

If you notice Kiffin didn't take any of the blame, it was always the players fault. We need a coach not one in title only. His play calling gets worse every game.

Just fire him.......please.

Conservative play calling has always been a disaster at every level of football.

Paul Hackett, Marty Schottenheimer, etc. Hackett was so conservative he was scared of his own shadow and Marty's conservative style of play produced the word "MartyBall" which is considered an insult in football circles. Both coaches are not considered winners.

Lane Kiffin is hated throughout much of football and the country because he was perceived as someone who talked big without having accomplished much. And now that he has a chance to back up his words, the big mouth disappears and it becomes a scared and timid style of football. Such a disappointment.

Fire Kiffin!

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