Haden on Penn State Reduction


In light of the NCAA's decision today to restore some scholarships to Penn State, USC Athletic Director Pat Haden released a statement:

"Like the rest of country, we have just learned of the NCAA's actions regarding the restoration of some of Penn State's scholarships.

"As you know, the NCAA is currently engaged in the process of evaluating and potentially reforming its governance structure.  We look forward to having a positive impact on that process. 

"We also are hopeful that the NCAA's recently-enacted enforcement and penalty reforms will result in a consistent and fair enforcement and penalty process for all its institutions.  USC will continue to work cooperatively with the NCAA towards that goal.

"We are near the end of the NCAA sanctions imposed on us in 2010 and we look forward to their expiration."

USC head football coach Lane Kiffin is happy for Penn State, "I think that's awesome," he said on his weekly Pac-12 teleconference.  "Knowing what it's like to go through and trying to manage those numbers and plan down the road as we have, now for Bill [O'Brien] not to have to do that as much is great for him."

Click here for more on Kiffin's comments in the LA Times.



Sorry folks, but we're not letting AD Pat Haden off the hook on this one. Are you working with the NCAA to eliminate the 2014 schollie penalty and restore our wins and 2005 National Champ status, or are you going to continue to roll on your back and play dead?

The reason PSU is getting some schollie relief is because PSU and the State of PA have sued the NCAA for even making the decision in the first place.
If they were to use their thought process, yeah that's a joke, from the USC case, then yes, PSU should get hammered with sanctions and penalties far more sever than what has been doled out. But since the NCAA doesn't want PSU nor the State of PA to have their day in court, where the NCAA will have to lift the magic curtain show what they are truly made of, then USC should get relief as well.

Mr. Haden, please tell us what your plans are to get relief, if you have plans. If you don't have plans and are content with living out the sanctions through 2016, when we can actually play with 85 schollie players, let us know, so that we the fans and alumni can make other plans. You see, Mr. Haden, we are watching you and the administration, to see how you are working through the problem, communicating to the fans and alumni who fund your athletic program, ... to see if you are a Trojan or a Bruin; a man or a mouse.

let us know soon, OK?
And Fight On everybody.
I really hope something happens where I will get mud on my face, but seriously folks, I doubt it.

This, is , without a doubt, the worst statement I have ever read from a "leader" of a major organization. Pat Haden is a wimp. How basically says we will "grin and bear it" while the "fair minded folks" (one of Haden's favorite quotes) at the NCAA make up rules as they go, all the while continuing the unfair treatment of USC.

Pat Haden needs to be fired immediately. He is an embarrassment to Fight On spirit of USC.

I could not be more disappointed in Pat Haden. From " winning the right way" to "fair minded folks.". He has completely embarrassed the Trojan family. Iron Mike is completely vindicated. What we've seen from the NCAA is nothing short of a joke and for Haden to respond the way he has is a bigger joke. Thanks for nothing Pat!!!

Disgusting Pat that you are not vocally disgusted.

Pathetic. Why bother to release a statement when it doesn't say anything?

OMG--USC continues to take the whips and chains from the corrupt and incompetent NCAA. Ever wonder, Mr. Haden, why SC continues to get the short end of the stick? Yes, it is directly related to the way you handle/don't handle this matter. You can cover-up the peristyle, you can keep Kiffen, you can even name the new entrance at Heritage Hall after yourself, you can sign a TV deal that excludes 33 percent of the fans, but you cannot continue to roll over to the ncaa if you want the continued support of we alumni--we are sick and tired of being taken for granted and put in the back of the bus, Mr. Haden. You have a big job Mr. Haden and one of them is not to sell us out every chance you get.

Absolutely pathetic. Embarrassed to be a Trojan today.

Mr. Haden,

I realize that you are in an extremely difficult position, and so close to the end of the sanctions, you probably do not want to rock the boat. I actually think overall you have done a tremendous job as the head of Trojans Athletics, but you repeatedly let me down with your public stances regarding the unfair severity of our sanctions.

In the past few years, numerous college football scandals have unfolded across the country at other major programs. A member of Penn States coaching staff did unspeakable things to children in the team showers and their coaching and administrative staff knowingly covered it up. Ohio State's players traded memorabilia for tattoos and the coaching staff covered it up (also too severe a penalty). Cam Newton's father shopped him around to the highest bidder and the NCAA brushed it under the table. And finally, we have Johnny Football selling autographs for cash and once again we have the NCAA slapping him on the wrist and putting him in timeout for 1 half of football so A&M can continue their rise to prominence on the back of their golden boy.

In each of these situations you could have spoken on behalf of all of us and voiced your disgust for the way the NCAA is handling current scandals. Perhaps even sued the NCAA. Every time, you chose to instead put out meaningless statements like this. Please consider speaking your mind in regards to the way USC is being treated. You are one of the smartest people to have graduated from our university and we are proud you represent us. If you stand up for us, I guarantee you every trojan will stand up for you. Please defend us.


Jordan Moore... please tell me Pat Haden is smarter than this and that one day he will actually wake up and actually look after the welfare of the athletic department. This statement is almost as bad as the "fair-minded people" statement.

Pat Haden, you are a gutless coward. NCAA continues to selectively enforce its made-up rules and you just keep bending over. Resign.

What a joke!!! I was hoping that this day would not come but it has... FIRE HADEN!!! WE, the Trojan Family, deserve better than a limp leader of the most storied and proud football program in America. Fight On!!!! Fire Haden!!!!!!

At least we are "winning the right way" some of the time thanks to Pat the the "fair-minded" folks at the NCAA. USC was the victim of the worst railroad job in college football history, and our administration rolls over on the belly like a whipped puppy. Losing a championship season, a Heisman trophy, and contaminating the legacy of Pete Carroll and every football player who played so hard for him during the greatest period in USC football history.

Pat, does Fight On meaning anything to you? It means a heck of a lot to thousands of USC alums. Can HH please hire a professional PR firm to attemtp to rebuild our tarnished reputation? I have never seen worse PR than what comes out of HH.

You are a disgrace Pat.
Nothing more needs to be said.

Unacceptable, Mr. Haden. Absolutely unacceptable that you and your administration behind you cannot take a step back from your failed strategy on dealing with the NCAA and realize that the landscape has shifted dramatically and that the weakness the NCAA exudes in how it has dealt with Oregon and Miami and Manziel/Texas A&M and Newton/Auburn and Pryor/Ohio State...and now Penn State which harbored pedophiles in its own shower facilities...have all converged to fundamentally alter your approach to the NCAA.

You have to be disgusted with yourself. You took the bully's word for it that he would stop beating you and treat you fairly if you just capitulated and gave him your lunch money daily. You thought you created a plan that would get us through a static relationship with a corrupt and all-powerful NCAA that you felt you couldn't take on legally at the time.

Now you're watching schoolkid after schoolkid going after the bully, demanding a stop to his harrassment and like a wuss have decided you'll stay the course and not make the same demands now that blood is in the water.

10 scholarships yet to be stripped from USC--representing 10 fine student/athletes that will never get to be Trojans--are still to be salvaged. Lifting the 75-player cap on scholarships back to 85 would allow you to provide flexibility to restoring the depth of USC's roster immediately with transfers, early enrollees and more kids that would otherwise suit up against the Trojans at UCLA, Cal, etc.

You have a moral obligation to defend USC. If you are being told not to stick your neck out and voice your opinion, then it is a moral failing on your part not to resign your post because your moral outrage has been muted by your "bosses". You are now complicit in this travesty of "leadership" that has seen USC sit on its hands while:

+programs with paid runners to buy recruits (Oregon)
+pay-for-play boosterism run rampant (Alabama)
+"high profile athletes that deserve high profile scrutiny" like Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State) and Johnny Manziel (TAMU) get delayed or severely minimized suspensions in a post-Reggie Bush world
+Paul Dee's Miami program has sponsored abortions, vehicles, payments and other benefits arranged right under the nose of the entire athletic department while the booster runs out onto the field with the team (Miami)
+parents shop their son around for the highest bidder looking for money allegedly outside the scope of the university's knowledge, but no "should have known" principle is applied (Newton/Auburn)

Now is the time to speak up--and it may be your last opportunity to do so while it matters.

Lay out the case on how USC got screwed through a vindictive NCAA approach that allowed corruption to emerge victorious.

Demand the emails from the McNair case to be opened for the benefit of USC which should reasonably suspect foul play in its NCAA trial.

Argue that in light of how USC was handled and how the NCAA has completely diverged from this one-time "precedent" in its treatment of other programs that you are demanding the sanctions to be lifted immediately so that we can recruit 25 players for the 2014 class and have 85 total scholarships to work with.

Stop degrading USC with stupid comments like "move on," "win the right way" and "Notre Dame is the only brand name" and "they (NCAA appeals committee) are fair-minded people" and "USC is dirty" in some sort of bizarre remorseful penance and focus the light on the true evil that was the Paul Dee/Potuto/Conboy NCAA lynch mob set out to destroy USC's program.

Otherwise, your legacy will be of someone willing to be used for their "squeaky clean image" and "moral superiority" to sell a failed strategy and ridiculous appeasement strategy in fighting the NCAA.
Remember saying that if Reggie Bush had your soul he'd do the right thing and return the Heisman? Those words ring hollow now given what we've seen of you since.

There's still time to make amends and fix this issue--step up and make some noise and assert yourself. Show leadership in getting the BOT and President to stand up for USC before you irreparably lose alumni left and right that are disgusted with your lack of action in the face of corrupt bullying.

If we had you back in the Trojan War there would be no need for a fight--just open the doors, give away the treasures of Troy and try to whimper along in submission. A true Trojan Horse, one might say, urging inaction when times call for a fight to preserve one's honor and what's right.

Figure it out, Mr. Haden. Figure it out. Fight on still means something, and the drama with the NCAA is the perfect application of that spirit and action. It's not too late to salvage your reputation on this matter.

Holy Neville Chamberlain!

Apparently many of you aren't intelligent enough to understand the world of politics, and dealing with the NCAA is politics.

Iron Mike was a pathetic AD who lucked into the Pete Carrol hire - the only good thing he did as AD.

Pat Haden and Lane Kiffin...Dumb & Dumber!

disgusting and sad...i feel he is a notre dame mole and also in bed with the some balls attack the ncaa while theyre against the ropes....take em down...fight on.if hw wont do it...lets get a ad who will fight and earn his $$$

Haden is definitely not one of the smartest guys to graduate from USC. He ended up attending a third tier law school, despite being a Rhodes Scholar. Former UCLA coach, Rick Neuheisel, earned a law degree from USC's law school. Haden, McKay, Jr. and USC President Max Nikias have now shown us that they should not be in charge of the University, or the football program with such bad decision making related to Kiffin's retention. Kiffin recently commented that Max Nikias told him to throw long passes at the Boston College game to calm the fans down. If that is all Nikias thinks of the alumni of USC, he needs to step down and do something else for a living. It is clear from all of Haden's actions in the last year that he really shouldn't be the Athletic Director of USC. Apparently, he doesn't know how to deal with the NCAA (he is a lawyer, right ?). If Penn State was able to extract concessions from the NCAA after one of its serial child molesting coaches was sentenced to prison, what happened to Haden's spine ? Why didn't USC file a lawsuit against the NCAA ? Former coach Todd McNair filed his lawsuit against the NCAA and is proceeding with his case. How sad for USC to have the Three Stooges of college football running the school and the football program.

Pat Haden is an embarrassment to the University of Southern California.

Max Nikias is an embarrassment to the University of Southern California.

Lane Kiffin is an embarrassment to the University of Southern California.

Our University deserves better. As an alumnus that has not missed a home game in nearly 30 years, I am ashamed to be associated with this University. I will boycott USC Athletics as long as these three individuals are representing my University.

Folks, what we have is a classic cartel scenario in college football. The local town sheriff (NCAA) actually answers to the cartel boss that really runs the town (SEC/ESPN). The NCAA is allowed to prosecute certain "crimes" (Boise St, Central Florida, Ohio St), but not allowed to prosecute crimes involving certain protected assets (Manziel, Cam, SEC in general) of the cartel and its financial interests. And from time to time, a maverick (USC) comes into town and threatens the cartel and its business interests. As such, the threat (USC) was dealt with by the town sheriff (NCAA) under the guise of "justice".

Haden is missing out on a golden opportunity to champion a very worthy cause: blowing the lid off the travishamockery that college football has become under the BCS, restoring USC's brand in the public eye, and perhaps even restoring some lost scholarships along the way.

Instead we hear about "winning the right way". How insulting to the players and coaches of the past! And we here about the fair-minded individuals. Shameful and woefully inept as a leader.

Ole Patty continues to sit on his hands, SKINNING AND GRINNING, just like 'HIS ', coach. It is refreshing to see Penn State and Miami stand up to the NCAA, then we have the boot licking PATTY HADEN, MINNIE MOUSE, who refuses to even raise his voice. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP, YOU ARE 'OLE PATTY.'

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