Game Day Improvements and Changes

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As the Trojan Family enters the Coliseum for the first time this season Saturday, here are a few logistical notes and changes for you to know:
  • After a lengthy public negotiating process, USC received unanimous approval this summer from the Board of Directors of the California Science Center to allow the transaction between the university and the state of California for USC to begin operating and renovating the Coliseum.  Over the next decade, USC will invest $70 million into the stadium to improve the fan experience ($100 million will be invested by 2054).  USC has been a tenant in the Coliseum since the historic stadium opened in 1923.
  • AD Pat Haden on Coliseum changes: "We just assumed operation of the Coliseum at the end of July, so we have been in there just a few weeks. But you will see some cosmetic changes this year in terms of cleanliness, food service and general presentation. As we are able to raise the money over the next few years, you will start seeing significant changes to the stadium's infrastructure, but that will not happen this year."
  • As a special offer, the I-110 South ExpressLanes are open to all traffic between 28th St./Flower entrance and the Manchester exit toll-free after the end of each home game.  To continue on the ExpressLanes past the Manchester exit, you need a FasTrak transponder.  
  • For all logistical information and game day updates, download the USC Gameday app for iOS and Android.
The Coliseum turf is almost ready for game day.


(Photo by Rich Rodriguez)

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