For DirecTV and Verizon Subscribers...


With AT&T now in the fold, DirecTV and Verizon Fios are the two main parties still negotiating a deal with Pac-12 Networks.  If you are unable to watch the USC vs. Boston College game on the conference network at home, your best options are to go to a sports bar or follow the game online.

Click here for a list of sports bars that carry Pac-12 Networks in California and major cities around the country.

On, you can watch our new Tunnel Vision pregame show for the 45 minutes leading up to kickoff.  The webcast will feature an exclusive look on the field and down the Coliseum tunnel plus interviews with Lane Kiffin and special guests. 

Once the game kicks, stay on the site to listen to the radio broadcast and/or follow the gametracker, which can also be viewed on mobile devices, and jump in our CoverItLive chat.  After the game, the gameday site will stream Lane Kiffin's live press conference with the stars of the game.

As always, we are disappointed for our fans that Pac-12 Networks is not in every household.  We hope one of these potential solutions works for you.

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As a past season ticket holder and who can no longer travel due to illness it is disappointing that Directv customer are shut out of thePac 12 Network. Many of these people are long time SC fans and shouldn't to go to a Sports Bar to see SC Football...

It's been 2 years now since you've deprived an enormous part of your fan base (who have supported Trojan football for decades) of live game broadcasts. If you really gave a flying cent about anything other than your obvious money grab, you'd have found a solution long ago!

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