BC Tuesday: Notes


With Cody Kessler as the true starting quarterback, USC is back on the practice field in search of a fresh start.
  • Again, Lane Kiffin did not want to compare the quarterbacks out of respect for their feelings.  However, he did elaborate on Cody Kessler's strengths.  "Cody manages situations that nobody outside of our team would see," he said.  By that, Kiffin is referring to the mental side of the game like audibles, managing the huddle and aligning the players.  
  • Kessler-WSU-McG.jpgKessler on getting the news: "It was awesome.  It was very exciting news to me.  It's a whole new set of confidence knowing that you are the guy."  After talking to Kiffin, he texted his dad, "It's go time."  He's also been communicating a lot the last two weeks with Matt Barkley.
  • The head coach does not regret playing two QBs in the first two games.  He explained that he needed to see game snaps to make a proper decision.  
  • Kessler did not make an excuse for how he played Saturday, but expects to play better now that he is the guy.  "It was tough to focus on winning a game when you still think you are competing for a spot.  It's just a new sense of confidence for me."
  • Max Wittek on being the backup: "I really just took it for what it is.  That's not going to stop me from competing and battling back to try to get the spot.  If I'm needed at any point, I'll be ready."
  • On the positive side, Tre Madden is the first USC running back to gain 100 or more yards in the first two games of the season since 1981, according to Kiffin.  However, the head coach does not expect Madden to carry the entire load all year.  "That's not really how we'd like the numbers to be, but he was playing so well, and he was actually getting stronger as the game was going," he said about Madden's heavy workload. "I would definitely anticipate seeing Justin Davis more in the near future."
  • When pressed about the conservative nature of the offense, Kiffin explained that when they did open up the passing game in two-minute situations, it resulted in both interceptions including the killer pick-six.
  • On the outside, Kiffin said Marqise Lee "is pushing himself a little too much, trying a bit too hard, which is very normal.  He's going to have frustrations because we are not playing really well on offense." He had a conversation with the All-American on Sunday about playing more consistently and within himself.
  • Like the head coach, the players heard the Coliseum boos.  "Fans being fans.  They are on the outside not on the inside," said Lee.  "Kiffin is going to be there, and we are going to continue to keep it going."
  • Kessler on the crowd's anger: "They had the right to do that.  We didn't play like we should.  It's kind of a new start.  I'm ready to take this role and run with it."
  • Here is Kiffin's media session...


hey Coach Kiffin, if you want to save your job this season then I got some advice for you. Here's what you need to do:

1) Burn your playchart with all the bubble screens/short passes and stop treating it like it's a Denny's menu.
2) let Clay Helton call the plays.
3) Now that you finally named your starting quarterback in Cody Kessler, how about you show some confidence in him. Don't be afraid to let him throw the ball downfield.

I hope the players realize the fans are booing Kiffin and his pathetic play calling, not the players themselves. Pat Haden, please fire Kiffin now (last Sunday would have been even better). USC is already losing recruits. Fire Kiffin now, promote Coach O to interim head coach. Send a signal to the fans and recruits that change is coming. If USC runs one more bubble screen with the other team's corners playing tight, I hope Pat Haden runs up to Kiffin, takes his headset and playchart, and has security escort him off the field and directly to the McKay building so Kiffin can clean out his office.

Stop playing Marty Ball, Kiff!

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