State of USC TV


Here is a message from the USC Athletic Department to the Trojan Family:

"We can put a man on the moon, but we can't get the Pac-12 Network."

"57 channels and the Trojans aren't on."

We get it. We really do!

To any member of the Trojan Family whose TV provider does not offer the Pac-12 Network and its football broadcasts -- not to mention the hundreds of other offerings featuring more than 20 other sports - we empathize with you.

The passion you have for USC football and all Trojan athletics is shared by the entire Department here and it's that passion, we know, that helps support everything we do.

As frustrating as it is to be forced to choose between switching television providers or missing out on USC broadcasts, this is the decision before you.

USC has been a pillar of every incarnation of what is now the Pac-12 Conference and was in lockstep with the rest of the conference when it decided to ambitiously pursue and create its own network.

We knew there would be a variety of challenges that would come with it, including finding as many platforms as possible to carry the new network. That DirecTV, among a handful of other outlets, has yet to pick up the Pac-12 Network is as disappointing to us as it is maddening to those who subscribe to that service.

A quick look around the constantly evolving television landscape reveals that this kind of dispute is becoming increasingly common between content providers and distributors. The current divide between CBS and Time Warner Cable has resulted in TWC yanking CBS and its affiliates off the cable network, which could cause fans of CBS's SEC and NFL coverage to miss out on watching their favorite teams as well.

With challenges come opportunities. Only with the Pac-12 Network could all 21 Trojan sports get the air time they deserve. The Pac-12 Network has expanded its live event schedule from 550 to 750 this year and while the number of people who have access to these broadcasts is not as large as anyone hoped at this stage, the network continues to grow and has made remarkable progress as it begins only its second year.

We get it. We wish it were easier to give you all of the Trojan games you want. But for any fan that wants to get the most access to USC football and all of its athletics, you know the option exists. Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott forcefully addressed the situation on the recent Pac-12 Football Media Day.

For fans interested in switching from DirecTV to another provider that carries the Pac-12 Network, click here for easy-to-follow instructions on how to do it. You can also click here to listen to why USC's Pat Haden (in addition to the rest of the conference's athletic directors) made the switch.

We are also are keenly aware of the obstacles fans face getting to the Coliseum for our Thursday game against Arizona on Oct. 10 at 7:30 p.m. It will be a challenge for the university (both staff and students), our department, as well as our fans who have to balance work and commutes to get here. A special website was created to help answer many of the questions you may have for that game.

As part of the Pac-12, the league's new scheduling process requires all schools to host Thursday or Friday night games twice every three years. It is our goal to create a unique game-day experience on these evenings and hopefully you, the fans, will enjoy it as well.

Finally, while kickoff times for six of our 13 games this season already have been announced, we ask for your patience and understanding for the remaining games whose start times have yet to be decided.  As has been the case in the past, the television networks contractually reserve the right to wait until 12 days before kickoff (and in a few cases, six days) to announce kickoff times. This is done so that each week's most attractive games are slotted into the best viewing times possible.

While this late notice can create havoc for all of us as we make plans to stage or attend games, we all have been able to manage our way through this practice for many years now. Despite the hassles, we know this enables the day's best games--often involving your Trojans--to be shown to the most viewers possible.

Sure, we would prefer stable times known well in advance, but with the variety of outlets and times for our games comes the certainty that every game is televised, something we take for granted now but was not always the case.

Bottom line -- know that we care.

We care about your love of USC and our unparalleled athletic department, about maximizing the exposure for all Trojan sports and about maximizing your enjoyment for every home event you attend. We can't promise that we'll satisfy every last one of you, but that's our goal.

Fight On!


I know you all won't publis my comments, cause you never do. But Im sure someone is sitting on the other end of this message reading what I have to say. My message to you is, stop screwing around with usc fans across SoCal. This is pathetic. I've been a fan for MANY years and i wouldn't have ever imagined that there would come a time when a fan in Los Angeles would not be able to watch his beloved trojans on tv. That is just embarrassing. Pat Haden and Larry Scott should be ashamed. I hope no one changes there carriers. You guys keep talking about direct tv like its the only carrier that doesn't have the PAC network. Sorry, but I have verizon fios. I don't have it either. Keep ignoring those with fios and AT&T. I will learn to enjoy watching the games streamed for free from my computer. It will take time, but apparently that's all I have is time because you lazy CEOs in charge are going to continue to sit on your hands and hope the masses obey their masters. Sorry it doesn't work that way,

I get what you guys are doing, I really do; however it is really frustrating that the PAC-12 Network (which is available through my provider [Comcast]) is not available in my market because it won't sell enough out here. I attempted to upgrade my subscription last season in order to get the PAC-12 network only to find out even with my raised subscription level I couldn't get it on Cable and since I couldn't get it through the box I couldn't stream it online either. This is complete crap that I can't watch my favorite team play because I volunteered to serve my country and am stationed in the SEC/ACC region of the US and my cable company won't make enough money off selling it out here! We need another option where we can buy into the PAC-12 Network through streaming online media or something! Your efforts to resolve the dedicated fan base are UNSAT at best! It is truly disappointing that even if I try to help you guys develop a better network I can't get a subscription!

This is bull. Every conference rolled over for these big money deals at the expense of the fans. This article basically says nothing at all, except...well if you want to see SC games (like you had for the past 20+ years)...feel free to switch to the ONE provider that will carry all the games.

How about this SC Ath. Dept....DO SOMETHING?!?!?! Way to roll over on the fans and fall lock-step with the useless Larry Scott.

I called U-verse they had never heard of the PAC 12 the person on the phone was sooo clueless she actually couldn't understand why I wanted the channel. If I could I would switch I live far enough away to be out of radio range and near enough to get to a game in under an hour. I think the old days of radio were bad but to know the game is on a channel I can't get because of stubborn TV execs really angers me.

Do you think your eyes may have been bigger than your stomach in setting an unreasonable price for the network? Sure I miss the Pac12 Network, but I am tired of constant price increases and paying for networks I.e. The Longhorn Network which I couldn't care less about.

Please provide a list of establishments that are showing the PAC12 network/Dish network. So many of the sports bars converted to DirecTV (with their free NFL packages), that it has become next to impossible to find a sports bar that shows Dish network. Last year, you sent out a list of SF area and LA area establishments with Dish network/PAC12. Unfortunately, that did not help us on the Central Coast and Santa Barbara areas. Thank you and Fight On!!

Why can't the Pac-12 Network just allow People that don't currently have a TV outlet, or are Cable Cutters to stream the Pac-12 Network over the Internet for a nominal fee (say $9.99/month), if or when DirecTV and the Pac-12 make a deal, those people won't have to pay anymore.

In a pissing match between the Pac-12 and DirecTV, it's the Fans that are getting wet!


The other option is to have the games broadcast from your official USC website. Either live (which would be best) or at least the replay.

Shame shame on direct tv! We would switch to dish but there service in our area is pitiful! Direct TV needs to get on the band wagon for all of us SC faithful

Hey Lary Scott, I know fans come last with you and money comes first. I have Direct TV. I am furious. You set this flawed business model in place and only the fans get hurt. Haden you signed on you bum.

You dont care about anything but money Mr Haden.

Who do you think you are kidding. We supporters get last consideration in everything you do--we are an after thought.

We are judging you by your actions--keep the words--they are crud! We want our games on TV.

So business of family huh? USC held all the cards yet gave in to Larry Scott, a guy with a track record of having animus feelings/behavior towards USC. Ok, have fun sleeping with the enemy.

Let me know when the pac12 network wakes up and I'll watch sc football again.

Pat Haden - the man who thinks the NCAA is made up of "fair minded folks", and completely discredit the Pete Carroll era by constantly saying we now want to "win the right way". Now, Mr. Haden has agreed to put USC on the same level as Oregon State, Utah and the perennial power Washington State.

News flash - we don't want USC to be lock step with the PAC 12, the NCAA or anyone else. We are USC, and the words Fight On mean something. These words represent the work we alums do in the marketplace, but seem to be lost on the USC athletic administration.

With all the money you have, you can at least put USC games out over the INTERNET so we can watch them. Do something for the alumni, huh? If you can afford to pay a jerk like the adulterer Gen. Petreaus, you can afford to put USC football on the internet. I wouldn't even mind spending a few bucks to get it.

Same guy (Larry Scott) who would NOT support USC, castigated our players (Barkley, TJ McDonald, etc) is now using USC as leverage for TV deals. You can't make this stuff up. There wouldn't even be a negotiation if not for the power of USC. The cable network providers would laugh Larry Scott out of town if not for USC. So to the powers that be at USC...put your foot down and make a power move for USC alumni, boosters, and fans.

What are the "family members" east of California supposed to do? You cut a horrible deal if the only way we can get it is to subscribe to one provider. Please develop an internet solution or tell us why we cannot have an internet solution. After all, didn't we play a major role in the development of the internet out in Marina Del Rey? He is rolling over in his grave right now. Thanks for the excuses but nobody feels any better about this major screw up.

Money money money--we should not be surprised that the athletic dept. is all about money--this is the culture that Max Nikias has brought to our University. First we re-name the College, I can't wait to see who we sell the WW I Memorial Colisium to. Maybe the Max Nikias Memorial...The egos running our school are out of hand. This frothy run for money is making us loose our perspective--it's about the students/athletes,alumni and then the fans, and then corporate interests that Nikias loves so much. In the mean time, USC is actually falling in the academic ratngs. Looks like money may not be the answer.

This is not that difficult of a process. Pay per view, even. But to be held hostage by the joke of a network as the Pac 12. 2 years this has been going on. They built the McKay Center in 2 years!!!!My gosh, Obama got Congress to pass this Crime of a medcare bill in that time!!! I go to the games!!! But the away games usually are on a bigger network!!! Aren't they???? Its sad that our team, probably won't be worth to follow closely this year, anyway. Are we going to be held hostage to this???? This is unacceptable Pat Haden.

At least let us access the live game via the internet. Geez. You can even charge a few bucks for it and rack in even more money.

What a steaming pile of manure. The idea any reasonable person would change their cable provider because the Pac-12 does not have its act together is ludicrous. Let me put it this way. I have been a FIOS customer for several years and have enjoyed USC football up until the time Larry Scott and the Pac-12 conference decided to run for the bank without concern for the fans, students, or alumni. My cable provider is just fine. It is this ludicrous Pac-12 network which is ill-conceived. Frankly, until the Pac-12 decides to pull its head out of its arse, and USC shows some balls in defending those that have enjoyed supporting the University, I am boycotting all Pac-12 events. Period.

Im kind of getting sick of Pac-12 too. If we all start boycotting as Michael Miller suggests, surely someone will listen?

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