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***To clarify, CBS Sports Network is still on Time Warner Cable despite the feud with CBS.

For the first time in USC history, the Trojans will be playing on CBS Sports Network in the season opener against Hawaii.  If you are unfamiliar with the network sports channel, click here to find it on your television provider.

For DirecTV... Channel No. 221

For DISH... Channel No. 158

For AT&T... Channel No. 643 or 1643 in HD

For Verizon... Channel No. 94


I am disappointed because I am not going to be able to see the game since it is on CBS sports network. I have uverse, but not the level this network is on. Sure hope I can see the rest of the away games. I have season tickets but no extra money to up grade.

As a USC alumnus I was looking forward to watching the game on TV but it's not happening with no thanks to USC choosing a station which my carrier (AT&T UVerse) will NOT show -- assumably due to my subscription level.
This is not a rare occurrence -- the same thing happens whenever an event is shown on the PAC network.
One would think this could get handled better.

It's crappy that I can't watch the game, I've just change to AT&T, I should of stay Direct Tv

With no CBS on time Warner we are being cheated out of watching USC live! CBS and TWC really stink for making paying customers miss this!

Are you kidding me? Opening game, on yet another network most don't carry or have? Just like the handful of games on the PAC-12 Network last year? Made it extremely difficult for alumni clubs to organize viewing parties even at bar/restaurant's that traditionally carry almost all networks, let alone the alumnus or fan that wants to watch at home. Good job USC.

Very disappointed at the TV coverage. I can't get PAC12 Network (Verizon) and, seriously, $9.95 a month for CBS Sports? I have been a USC fan since 1960, and I am an alumnus (Class of 71). I guess squeezing every dollar out of the TV coverage is more important than maintaining a fan base - especially this year. Really?

Also have ATT U-verse... Husband is very upset that we have to pay more for the higher package to see home town games..

Hey, hey now,

Pac-12 Network games are the fault of Pac-12 commish, Larry Scott. Blame him for games you miss. This was his deal with the Time Warner Devil. We're just stuck with it. Blame Kiffin for reducing our offensive product to such a mess that we don't have demand from ABC or other entities where it would be easier to see the game.

Pac-12 Network games are on channel 375
With no CBS on time Warner

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