Mulroy Tells His Story

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In the wake of the watershed announcement by NBA player Jason Collins, USC junior swimmer Sean Mulroy wrote a first person account of what it is like to be an openly gay collegiate athlete. 

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"Being an openly gay athlete at USC has been nothing short of fabulous," Mulroy writes. "I've been out since I stepped on the pool deck three years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a student-athlete. Heading into my senior year, and last year of NCAA eligibility, I am content with my place on the team and am able to recognize and celebrate the differences with my straight teammates."

Before the Collins story, the Daily Trojan profiled the challenges LGBT athletes face in collegiate athletics, and what USC's athletic administration is doing to support them.


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Thanks for posting this. Great story about Sean - it's lighthearted and funny but also makes an important point that athletes at USC don't face impediments to recognition, competition, and friendship with peers because of their sexual orientation. Thanks again USC Athletics.

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