Instant Analysis on the Enfield Hire

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Upon announcing the hiring of Andy Enfield to take over USC men's basketball, the topic was trending globally on Twitter.  The buzz is real and for good reason.

Here is a sampling of what people are saying:

Enfield-Stephen-Dowell-OrlSent.jpgDan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports: "The man expects to win. Big. Always. And for a program that's too often accepted second-citizen status in the city, that might be enough to make him the perfect fit."

FGCU point guard Brett Comer via Twitter: "I love Coach Enfield to the end. I was his first recruit and he made me the player I am today. #GoodLuckatUSC"

Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! Sports: "There's no question Enfield's hire will give traditionally bland USC basketball some badly needed pop and pizzazz."

Former USC forward David Blu via Twitter: "Andy Enfield is a great choice to be the basketball coach at my school. He definitely has the swag you need to be successful."

Gregg Doyel of "With fewer resources and less history and pull, Pat Haden just made a better hire than UCLA."

USC sophomore forward Byron Wesley: "After the first game, I saw it wasn't a fluke -- they were legit. I really like they're style of play. He really let them play, throw lobs and just play exciting. Everyone has the same attitude -- real excited to meet him and to get going."

Andy Glockner of Sports Illustrated: "The truth is Pat Haden and the Trojans rolled the dice on an exciting up-and-comer with significant qualifications who handled this run, on and off the court, extremely well. He looks the part of a major-conference head coach, and now he is one."

Dan Weber of "Andy Enfield is the uptempo, and up-and-coming, coach USC basketball needs right now."

(Photo by Stephen Dowell/Orlando Sentinel)

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