Trojans in Business: Brandon Granville

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Written by Andie Hagemann, USC blog contributor

Granville2004.jpgName: Brandon Granville

Resume: Attorney and Men's Basketball Color Commentator

Sport at USC: Basketball

How did you transition from USC to a career in law?

My initial thought was that I would play a couple years overseas then eventually return and go to law school. My father is an attorney so it was a natural transition. There are so many possibilities and different areas that you can get into with a law degree. I was not necessarily sure with what I wanted to do or if I wanted to practice but I knew having a degree would help me with whatever I wanted to do. Ultimately, I am an L.A. kid at heart. I took a year off after USC and went to Loyola Law School. After graduation, I started practicing at a firm in Beverly Hills and eventually started working for my father.

Did you have any previous aspirations to be a sports broadcaster or did the job opportunity find you?

No, I never gave it any consideration before. About three or four years ago, a producer from FOX contacted me because they were looking for people to interview for the television job and someone from USC referred them to me. I eventually decided that I would do it. This year, I was approached to be the color commentator for the radio broadcasts of the USC men's basketball games. I fell into broadcasting and it has been a pleasant surprise.

Is it surreal to be broadcasting games for your alma mater since it was not too long ago that you were on the court playing?

No, not really. I am kind of detached as it has been several years since I played in 2002. My love for the school has grown since I left and my appreciation for everything that the school has provided me has grown as I have gotten older. It is not necessarily surreal. I have always been around the program post-graduation. Coach Cantu's first year as an assistant was my last season at USC. I usually went to a couple of games a year and I was always following the team throughout each season.

Did you apply any of your skills from being a former athlete to your career post-USC?

As an athlete, things are always competitive and that is your nature. Subconsciously, you always look for things that get your competitive juices flowing.  There are a lot of similarities of being an athlete, playing basketball and being in the courtroom. As a lawyer, there is a competitive aspect to it as you have to be able to move on the fly in reaction to things that happen. The same is true on the basketball court, you have to react quickly to things that you may not have expected.

What's next?

I'm not sure being a traditional attorney fulfills everything that I want out of life. I want to get more involved in sports. I enjoy being around sports and it is something that I have grown up being around. I'm not sure of what degree I want to be involved - either working for a school, administration or continue broadcasting. I know I want to be more involved in athletics and probably less involved in the aspects of being a traditional attorney.

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I like that stay focus on what you want to do whatever it is you will be great at like when we were kids

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