Cruz Terminated as Head Baseball Coach


Pat Haden and the USC athletic department have released notice that Frank Cruz has been removed from his position as head baseball coach for knowingly violating the NCAA's CARA rules.

Here is the story:

Cruz-Railing.jpegUSC baseball head coach Frank Cruz has been terminated for knowingly violating NCAA Countable Athletically-Related Activities limitations within his program, Trojan athletic director Pat Haden announced today (Feb. 13).

Those CARA rules restrict the number of hours student-athletes can spend in activities directed by or supervised by the coaching staff.

In addition, the University has self-imposed a reduction in the number of practice session hours for the USC baseball team this season and next year.

"Adhering to all NCAA rules is paramount for each one of our coaches, student-athletes and staff members," said Haden.  "Those who knowingly break NCAA rules are subject to termination."

USC has alerted the NCAA and Pac-12 of the infraction and the University-imposed actions.

USC associate head coach Dan Hubbs, a former Trojan All-American pitcher now in his second season at Troy, has been named head coach of the USC baseball team.  The 42-year-old Hubbs previously spent 12 years as the pitching coach at California following a seven-year pitching career in the minor leagues.

"I'm confident that Dan Hubbs and his staff will lead our team to a successful season," said Haden.  "Dan is a good coach, he is highly-regarded in the baseball community and he has strong Trojan roots."

Last Thursday (Feb. 7), USC announced it had suspended Cruz from all coaching duties pending an investigation by USC Vice President for Athletic Compliance Dave Roberts and his staff to determine whether the baseball program exceeded the allowed CARA hours. 

Cruz had guided the Trojans the past two seasons, posting a 48-63 overall record.

USC begins its 2013 regular season at Cal State Fullerton this Friday (Feb. 15).


How much good did the extra practice time do the team? We were still a sub .500 baseball team during Cruz's tenure. Thank God, he gave Pat Haden the ammunition he needed to move quickly. Hopefully, this will be a smooth transition going into the 2013 regular baseball season.

Can we look forward to getting back to the "regionals" this year? This "dry spell" has been long enough.

Sorry to see this. Frank is a good man. If anything, he worked too hard and wanted too badly to succeed. I'd go into a bunker with Frank Cruz any day. He's a tough guy, a man of his word and more of a players' coach than he got credit for.

I wish Hubbs the best and hope he is able to get this team to overachieve because it's a tough situation all around.

How come Mr. Haden hasn't pressed the NCAA on the sanctions given the McNair court decisions? He's quick to fire but not quick to stand up for the University to the NCAA who railroaded the school.

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