Sanders Gone


Marvin Sanders is no longer part of the USC football coaching staff, head coach Lane Kiffin announced today.

"We wish Marvin Sanders and his family the best of luck," said Kiffin.  "Marvin did a great job for us coaching our secondary and in recruiting.  But with the hiring of Clancy Pendergast as our defensive coordinator, we decided to go in a different direction based on Clancy's desire to oversee the defensive backs unit."



However USC shifts it's football staff must come up with a strong leadership formula than what you had last year which was a disaster by USC standards. It stunk! Never in the history of USC Football history has there ever been such a shoddy and disgraceful display of defensive and offensive ineptness that defies all logic. Doormats It begins with the head coach to lead and inspire a la Pete Carroll. The grass has to be mowed and fertilized, right now it is dead! The cheerleaders can do a much better job at entertaining.

Until we get rid of Kiffen this is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The biggest question of all is why the
Trojan footballers stoppedplaying for Kiffin in the last five games. Further, why couldn't Kiffin, as a coach, get things going! The answer lies partly in K. being of OC. Can'tcoach and be the OC unless you have an outgoing personality and K. doesn't. Teh team needs to be encouraged, not ignored.

go get the baylor head coach, he can coach.

It is a sorry day for the mighty Trojans. The problem as has been stated is leadership. Living as I do now in the Southeast under the SEC banner I can tell you that Kiffin is not in very high regard after is tenure at Tennessee. He has no charm or drive. We need a coach that represents the best interest of USC and the high standards we usually see from our programs. When players fight or argue in the locker rooom and the press makes a hayday out of it, things are in sorry shape. Lets bring back Pete Caroll. Wish we could get Georgia coach Mark Richt. Same type of play style as we had tiwh Pete Caroll.

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